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Why do we love the characters of shows and series?
Well there are two reasons 1. Because the producer of the director was incredibly smart 2. Because the actor is too lovable and too good at what he of she does.
With Pirates of the Caribbean it is a little bit of both.
Take Jack Sparrow as an example, Jack is a rediculously hilarious hot pirate. If anyone else but Jonny Depp played that character, then Jack Sparrow would have basically flopped, because Jonny is so good at making that character coe to life. Also take in consideration of Will, he is an irresistibly hot and sexy pirate who is very funny. How does this character work? Orlando Bloom of course! Orlando is very good at every acting job he has had. Really think of it, what would POC be like if Jack Sparrow was played door George Clooney of if Will Turner was played door Justin Timberlake? There is only one answer disaster! The acing is too good. POC thatno one else can ply the characters!
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