Pokémon Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(A little too crazy XP)
(Five more minutes XP)
(Oh alright XP Will draw after I come back XP)
"Because they're either too clueless or Ellie hasn't found anyone for them," Alexa replied.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Too crazy is right XP)
(Here's a picture XP I'll try to scan it later XP)
(Will be here when you come back XP)
"They won't be unshipped forever"Mordo said
 (Too crazy is right XP) (Here's a picture XP I'll try to scan it later XP) (Will be here when u c
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Yeah XP)
(They're everywhere XD)
(You'd better XP)
"Well not forever," Alexa said. "Just won't be shipped for a while"
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Like I said I'll scan it later to give you a better look XP)
(I will XP)
"Yeah but like no one will go unshipped forever"Mordo said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(And I'm back XP)
(Are you? XP)
"No that won't happen," Alexa replied.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Haven't scanned it XP)
(Yes XP)
"Exactly"Mordo said, "She'll fall for someone sooner or later"
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Why not? XP)
(Yay! XP)
"I so wanna see that happening," Alexa said with a grin.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Lazy XP)
(Water XP)
"I bet you do"Mordo said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Ah, I know the feeling XP)
(Water indeed XP)
"By the way, how do you think Jace will react when he learns Alexi and Jatina are dating?" Alexa asked.
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een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I'll try now XP)
(We need more people to go with XP)
"He'll probably squeal like a fanboy"Mordo said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(And I'll wait XP)
(People like who? XP)
"Really?" Alexa asked. "It's weird, considering how calmly you took it."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I won't try now XP)
(People to go with XP)
"Why is it weird ?"Mordo asked
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Why not? XP)
(I feel like using my sweethearts XP)
"I don't know, I just assumed that he'd have the same reaction as you," Alexa said. "Unless you were screaming in the bathroom."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I don't know XP)
(Which ones ? XP)
"I was"Mordo said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Uh okay XP)
(Trace and Percy XP)
"I knew it!" Alexa said with a grin.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I want to but XP)
(Oh XP Trace is your sweetheart ? XP)
"Of course you knew"Mordo said, "I've been married to you for over 15 years you should know me"
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(But? XP)
(Yes he is XP)
"True," Alexa agreed, "A little boasting is always good though."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(My printer's all the way over there XP My bed is comfy XP I'm lazy XP)
(I didn't know that XP)
"In small amounts"Mordo said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(It's okay, I completely understand XP)
(Neither did I XP Until I started developing him more XP)
"You know that can't happen," Alexa said with a cheeky grin.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I promise I will scan it before one of us leaves XP)
(I thought Dylan was your sweetheart XP)
"Yeah I know"Mordo said kissing her cheek
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Alright XP)
(He is my sweetheart too XP)
"Good," Alexa said smiling and finished her coffee, "Anyway, I have work today, so I'm gonna get ready," she said placing her mug in the sink and walking upstairs.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Count on it XP)
(Oh okay XP)
(Now who shall we go with ? XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Literally? XP)
(Yeah XP)
(My sweethearts XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Not entirely because I might forget XP)
(But I don't know which of mine to go with XP Except for Kairi and Nathan XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(That must not happen XP)
(Then go with them XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I'll try not to XP After I've eaten I'm gonna take shower and when I come back remind me XP)
(As much as I love Kairi especially with Percy we agreed to give them a break XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Okay XP Remind me to remind you XP)
(Oh fine XP So we go with the siblings? XP)
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Remind me XP)
(Sure XP Start it XP)
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Remind me to remind you XP)
(Okay XP And since there hasn't been a battle for a while... XP)
"Oshy, use Razor Shell!" Harley exclaimed.
"Rock Smash!" Trace said.
The Dewott and the Donphan charged at each other and their attacks clashed, but Donphan's Rock Smash knocked Dewott back.
"Oh no!" Harley gasped, "Oshy, are you okay?" she asked worriedly and Oshy nodded, getting up.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Remind me XP)
(Goodie XP)
"Come on Harley!"Nathan cheered watching their battle
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(You remind me XP)
(Yup XP)
"Don," Trace whispered, signaling him to take it easy.
"Okay, Oshy, use Razor Shell again!" Harley said, and Oshy smashed Don on the head, making him stumble and fall down.
"Yay I won!" Harley cheered as Don pretended to have fainted.
"Good job Harley," Trace smiled returning him.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I'm reminding you to remind me XP)
(Yup XP)
"Nice work Harley"Nathan said shooting a little glare at Trace
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(And I'm reminding you to remind me to remind you XP)
"Thanks!" Harley happily said and hugged Oshy, "We won!"
"We're the best!" Oshy cheered happily.
"Yeah.." Trace said smiling nervously.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Then remind me XP)
"Alright Harley I think you should do some more training"Nathan said
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(But you have to remind me XP)
"But we won," Harley and Oshy said blankly.
een jaar geleden DragonAura15 said…
"Hey, guys, I hate to break this up, but don't we have a few people in Wasthorn we were going to visit?" asked Fletcher.
"Right! Oh, and I'll use my own Pokemon this time." Luna went outside and sent out a Togekiss.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Do you want to see it or not ? XP)
"Yeah you did"Nathan said, "But Trace is kinda weak, anyone could beat him"
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(I do want to see it XP)
"Really?" Harley asked.
"Yeah, sorry Harley," Trace replied scratching his head.
"Oh.." Harley said. "Well, we could train together,"
"Sounds good," Trace smiled.
"Yay!" Harley cheered happily. "Naa-san, can you train us?"

"Guess it's time to go," Justin said getting up. "Thanks for the meal, Joey,"
"No problem," Joey smiled as Justin gave her the money and walked out.
een jaar geleden DragonAura15 said…
Saige gave Joey money as well before going outside, where Luna and Fletcher were already, poised to take off on Togekiss and Fearow.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Then don't mess with me XP)
"I guess I could"Nathan replied
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Oh fine XP)
"Yay, bro is training us!" Trace cheered picking Nathan up and squeezing him.
"Me too!" Harley exclaimed running to them and hugging them.

"Okay, let's make it fair and start on three," Justin said, sending out his Voldbird and getting on.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(I'll be right back XP)
"Here we go"Nathan snickered
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Okay XP And I'll just drop this XP)
"So how will you train us?" Harley asked eagerly.
 (Okay XP And I'll just drop this XP) "So how will u train us?" Harley asked eagerly.
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Awwww! X3)
(Alright I'm back XP)
"Simple"Nathan said sending out an Abra, teleported away and came back with two others, "Guys these are two new trainers in my gym"
"Hi, I'm Mason"Mason introduced himself
"I'm Greg"Greg said introducing himself as well
"You're gonna battle them"
last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(I know X3)
(Welcome back! XP)
"Ehm, sure.." Trace said nervously.
"Oooh, I'm Harley!" Harley introduced herself to them, "What kind of Pokemon do you have?"
last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(Trace kinda sticks out with his blonde hair XP)
(And my printer is being difficult XP)
"I have a Raichu"Greg replied
"I have a Houndoom"Mason replied
"You realize that if she loses you'll have to lose too right ?"Nathan asked Trace softly so Harley couldn't hear, "You shouldn't have gone easy on her"
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Yeah, I had no idea who to make him more similar to, so I just made him just like Charity's father XP)
(How dare it defy you? >XP)
"So cool!" Harley gasped. "Can I see them?"
"But if I didn't go easy on her she'd cry," Trace whispered back, "I can't stand it when that happens.."
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(That's cool XP)
(And now I have to wait for my laptop to reboot XP)
"What's worse Trace, when she cries when you and I are there to help her ?"Nathan asked, "Or when she's crying out there with some random trainer who couldn't care less ?"
"Sure" They said sending them out
een jaar geleden Nojida said…
(Yup XP And he's my sweetheart XP)
(So I have to wait as well? XP)
"Well, when you put it that way.." Trace muttered scratching his head. "But she thinks I'm weak now, so I guess I have to look the part.."
"Wow!" Harley gasped. "So awesome! Can I pet them, please?"
een jaar geleden vegeta007 said…
(All your characters should be your sweethearts XP)
(No I can use my.phone XP)
"And if Mason can't do it, I'll have to be the one to break it to her"Nathan said, "Just make sure next time you have a battle don't let her win"