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 Ash, Misty & Brock!
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i love this picture
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This Pokémon foto contains anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

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There is a disease called "Pokerus" that is spread all around the world door trainers who would want meer power for their Pokemon. The trainers don't know about it's other effects. One dag a researcher named "Haden Sorman" looked at a Pokemon with Pokerus. He thought it looked so powerful that he wanted to know more. So then, Haden started extracting saliva off a Ratatta and tested it. It seems normal and usual. He then tested a infected Ratatta and see what was the results. The results say it gets 10x stronger but, as it has the disease for a longer time it gets out of control and possibly.......
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Mordecai, from Regular Show, will fight Pikachu but Pikachu use Thunderbolt and Mordecai lose. Mordecai will go to hospital and checking his health, Mordecai is paralyzed. Mordecai will gegeven a Paralysis Heal, and Mordecai ready to fight Pikachu, Pikachu use Thunderbolt but missed. Mordecai will fight Pikachu and Mordecai win. Many people applause, Rigby will meet Mordecai for his victory.

Note: Mordecai and Rigby is from Regular Show, and this artikel had the word of "Pikachu", this artikel can be a Pokémon article.
As me and Oshawott took our first step on route 1 I realized how epic our adventures would be."Oshawott?" I asked."Osha?" "You know what! Im gonna nickname u Oshawott! How about Diver?" I asked."Oshawott!" I could tell that meant no. Oshawott used bubblebeam. "You learned bubblebeam Oshawott! Thats great!"I zei happily. Then the perfect idea for a nickname popped into my head. "I know what im gonna nickname u Oshawott! Your name is gonna be bubbles!" "Oshawott!" I could tell that meant yay! "Okay now that weve got that over with,let's go!" I zei as I began walking with bubbles in my arms....
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(Next dag at school, Serena came into the classroom and met Brock and Dawn)
Brock: Is that your natural hair color?
Serena: Yeah.
Brock: It's gorgeous.
Serena: Thank you.
Brock: See, this is the color I want.
Dawn: This is Brock. He's almost too gay to function.
Serena: Nice to meet you.
Gary: Nice wig, Dawn. What's it made of?
Dawn: Your mom's chest hair! I'm Dawn.
Serena: Hi, I'm Serena. Do u guys know where Room G is? "Health, Tuesday/Thursday, Room G ."
Dawn: I think that's in the back building.
Brock: Yeah, that's in the back building.
Dawn: Yeah, we'll take u there.
Serena: Thanks....
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