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This new pokemon movie is abot the new legendary pokemon, Arceus. It is about when Ash, Dawn and Brock arrive in a little town called Michina. Little did they expect that they would once again run into Dialge, Palkia and Giratina. There is a conflict between them and a girl named Sheena saves them and she can communicate with a pokemon's heart. She tells them that her ancestor Damos and that the betrayed the Legendary pokemon, Arceus door stealing the jewel of life and sending it to a rage and slumber.After a small conflict, Arceus awakens and uses his strongest verplaats judement to distroy Michina....
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u know something? There is one thing that I cannot stand. There is something that makes me want to barf and almost damage the whole franchise in the last 13 years since 2002. I'll tell u what really caused Pokemon to collapse ignoring the fact Pokemon is the most successful 90s franchise of all time.

Wait for it...


That's right, I'm talking about genwunners. As u may know, genwunners are people that only like the original 150 Pokemon like Pikachu and forget the whole franchise in general like Hoenn Pokemon. Genwunners are mostly people who gets to be part of the Pokemon fad...
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