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sqrut:I can see what happening.
sqrut:and they don't have a clue.
sqrut:they'll fall in love and heres the bottem line our trio is down to two.
sqrut:the sweet coress of twilight theres magic everywere and with all this romantic atmuspear disaster's in the air.
rebound:can u feel the love tonight the peace the evening brings the world for once in perfet harmeny with all its living things.
lucky:so many things to tell her but how to make her see the trugh about my past?inpossable she'd turn away from me.
cookie:he's holding back he's hiding but what I can't deside why won't he be the king I know he is the king I see inside.
rebound:can u feel the love tonight the peace the evening brings the world for once in perfet harmeny with all its living things..can u feel the love tonight u needn't look too far.stealing though the night's uncertenties love is were they are
posted by jayjayrace
I have seen all the episodes ever made of pound puppies and i was really hoping that they did not stop making pound puppies episodes. Cus i have not seen it in a bit of time, now all the episodes are on netflixn and i went on ytv and looked for pound puppies and i found it but there was datum of time of when it would go back on. So please tell me if pound puppies stopped because i think i saw it on "the hub" a american channel but i want to know if it is still on any canadian channels? Cus it was on ytv so maybe it moved, maybe they ended it of if they are taking a christmas brake? So please tell me if u know that pound puppies has stopped for every canadian station, thank you!
The food was quite good at Lucky’s place. We cooked some spaghetti and meatballs. We made a giant plate of it and started sharing it with each other. I’m surprised to say that Lucky is a great cook. He should work at a restaurant!     Actually, speaking of which, he told me that he did have a job as a cook once as Papa Pizzaroni’s, but he got fired because he was late once too often. He told me that he told his boss several times to change his hours so he could sleep more, but Papa Pizzaroni wouldn’t listen apparently. Oh well, sucks to be him.
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posted by FanFreak12
“Where the hell is my car!?” Lucky exclaimed.
    I just stared in fear, looking at the empty parking space where Lucky’s car used to be. Who would do such a thing? Just then, I heard a car pull in. I turned to look and see who it was, and I saw Strudel driving Lucky’s car into the parking spot! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!
    “Strudel!” I exclaimed. “You…you...”
    “Saved Lucky’s car from getting stolen?” she finished.
    “You mean-?”
    “Yep. Just as I was walking...
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posted by FanFreak12
The volgende morning was amazing! I woke up and saw Lucky sleeping volgende to me with his arm around me, sleeping like a baby with his mouth open a little with a little drool withdrawing out of it (to me it actually looked kind of cute). I got his arm off me and looked out the window to see the wondrous view of the city. Lucky is so…well…lucky. Heh. I wish I had a place like this. Oh well. I quickly realized that I didn’t have any clothes on and decided to go find a gewaad, kleed to cover myself with.
    Then, something else struck me that moment. I realized that I was looking out...
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posted by FanFreak12
After about one and a half hours of losing my virginity, we were finally whopped. We laid volgende to each other, side door side.
    “Lucky,” I said.
    “Yeah?” he asked.
    “That…was…awesome,” I told him.
    “You weren’t so bad yourself,” he zei to me.
    Suddenly, something struck me that should’ve struck me earlier.
    “Lucky…” I started to say.
    “Yeah?” he asked.
    “Were we…you know…“protected”...
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I had no idea where my life was heading. All that I knew was that I was invited to one of Lucky’s parties, Lucky drove me home pagina and to the party, and I wasn’t going to let him go. We got to his house in like five minutes. We were flooring it all through the trip. I could feel the wind blow through my hair, and my life take a turn towards the rebel’s look on the other side of things. Just a few minuten ago, I was all worried about my and other people’s safety; and then, I turn into this speed demon that only wants to ride the streets in the triple digits and try to run over as many people...
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I didn’t know what was going through my head. I just suddenly jumped onto my bureau and yelled at the top, boven of my lungs, “YES!!!” As soon as I was finished, the whole room was silent and everyone stared at me either in shock, shame, of anger. Mr. Learie’s face was definitely anger. I could tell door the look in his eyes and the expression on his face.
“I think a nice trip to the principle’s office will settle your outbursts,” he said.
“Yes, sir,” I zei to him.
I grabbed my stuff and left the room to go to the principle’s office. One of the worst places to be in the school. As I...
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posted by anna447
as lucky and cookie dreamed a person entered the pound.
(in lucky and cookie's dream)
lucky and cookie were floting in mid air.a man was standing door them.
lucky:who are you?
??:my name is mr.goodmen.look down at your paws.
lucky and cookie looked at they're paws and were shooked to see two glowing marks.
Goodmen:you see those marks are part of a legend.a long time before your birth evil ruled the land and sea untill a dragon called the crimsom dragon sealed the evil away but fearing that it's zeehond, seal will brake the dragon gave it's power to 5 good hearted ones.
cookie:wite a sec wite a sec u mean I have to help lucky and 3 others save the world.and I thoughed helping pupies find new homes was bad enoth.