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Note-when the kids get older they look 2 years older than supposed too.
Renesmee's POV

1 jaar later...

"Muma Iam glad u had two meer babies"Jazmin zei looking at Josh and Erin in there cribs sleeping

"Me too,mommy"Eric said,looking at his new brother and sister

"Is there going to be anyone?"Mags zei giggling over on the rocking chair in the new born twins room

"Uh..."I zei looking at her,she was smiling at me

"Ya muma are u going to have anymore babies?"Jazmin asked with a hopeful expression,Mags smirked at me

"Not any time soon"I zei Mags laughed really load,I was about to yell at her to...
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Hey- here's Jane!!

Alec's POV

The dag they arrive...

She'll be here,Near my love Maggie and Im Scared I wont be able to protect her,as if she heard my thoughts she says

"Ill be fine stop worrying,If u were Human all of u hair would be Gray"Renesmee laughs at this

"So true"Renesmee add's

"Ha,Ha"I said

We were in the yard,Walking to the Clearing,every one was talking to different people,Esme and Carlilse just got back a few days ago.Jacob was in human form holding Renesmee's hand,Seth and Leah were walking way in the back in wolf form,They'll howl for the others if we need them,There...
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Heyy-sorry it took me so long,My computer at home pagina got a dumb virus and we got to go pay someone to take it off,so i have to wait to go to my grama's to write then i get the freakin 24 uur Flu!!!!

Chapter 5
Renesmee Pov

When we told Uncle Em and Aunt Rose about what's about to happen in 3 weeks from now,They started to train with everyone.In the begining Daddy and Uncle Jazz thought I didnt need to learn but Mom and Aunt Alice talked them in to it.

When I watched them Fight it was Funny,Mom bet dad alot meer than he bet her

"Im letting her win"He says

"Sure If it Makes u feel better u can say...
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