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SNSD‘s Hyoyeon revealed that tonen aegyo was the most difficult part about being an idol for her.

On November 26th’s episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2‘, the girls of G8 discussed their stress factors in a small talk toon led door maknaes Suzy and Jiyoung.

Hyoyeon confessed, “It’s really hard for me to pretend. I get really embarrassed when I have to pretend to be cute and pretty. I am really easygoing. As part of SNSD, it’s hard to be easygoing.”

She continued, “The other members are good at aegyo. When we monitor our performances, the ones who toon aegyo get on camera the most. I try really hard to do it, but I can’t because it tickles my heart. I can act really suave and cool, but acting pretty and cute still tickles my heart.”

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Tiffany (Girls Generation/SNSD)
Because It's u Love Rain OST


Don't say that you're sorry
Love isn't over for me yet
If we break up like this
What do I do, what do I do?

* I just have love alone but I can't even love
I can't even say the words that I really want to say
The love that is getting farther away
The words that I can't keep - they are making me cry

Don't say thank you
I want to give u all my love but
If we were to truly be strangers like this
What do I do, what do I do?

* Repeat

I love u - what do I do because I love you?

It's okay even if it's a painful love
Even if I erase the last love in my life
u are someone that cannot be erased
Even if it's a sad destiny, I can't let u go
I love u because it's you

Because to me, it's you
SNSD was recently named as the girl group that grabs the most attention when seen on TV.

A Monkey3 survey was held from November 24th to the 30th, asking the question, “Which group catches your eye when appearing on TV?” According to the votes, SNSD ranked first with 182 (or 55%) of the 328 stemmen cast.

Participants stated, “My eyes focus on their dance and song“, and “All 9 members each possess different looks and special individual traits, which makes them stand out.”

The Wonder Girls came in seconde with 51 stemmen (16%), followed up door T-ara in third with 13%, and Brown Eyed Girls in fourth with 9%. Both SECRET and KARA tied in fifth with 4%.

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