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Noah and Cody from Total Drama gettin' frisky...or something like that.
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I opened my eyes as they chased across the pitch black room. But of course, I knew exactally where I was~ ♥

Holding my love tightly to my chest as he slept like a baby in my arms~!

But he wasn't there, we had won the last challenge back in Japan, but I....I began to freak out!

Oh my only true love! My litte adorable Cody! Where did u go?! Why aren't u here?!

I was chocking on the air around me, my throat tightend and a tear droplet escaped my right eye. But then I stopped at thought to myself, that maybe he was somewhere else wondering around the airplane? It's not like he got kiddnaped!...
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Date: March 19th, 2011
Time: After TDWT
Place: Chris's Pad for Reuinion Party
Mission:..... Love?

Noah: Ugh I can't belive I'm here with these people again. I mean I've tried to lay off the whole "sarcasm" thing but this is ridiculous. How can I be nice if these losers just tormented me the whole time?
Well I guess my mood will change when I see some familair faces that I can put up with.
Here goes nothing.
-opens door and walks in-

-bear hugs-

Noah: Ugh what does this guy eat? Agh can't...
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NoCo Part 2:

   The volgende morning, I closed my locker and was about to turn the corner when Noah came up to me and pressed his lips to mine. "Hey," he greeted me.
   "Hey yourself," I said. "So how late did u stay up last night? One? Two? I hear you're reading a VERY interesting book in Andrews's class."
   "You be quiet," he instructed, laughing. 
   "Not until u kiss me," I laughed. 
   "Fine," he said, kissing me again. Just then the klok, bell rang, interrupting our kiss.
   "See u volgende period," he said. 
   "Okay," I agreed, and went to class. 

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Just a little NoCo I whipped up. My first fanfic in a while. Rated T for safety.

There he was, just laying there, sweet and innocent and completely unattainable. Noah thought he looked like an angel when he slept. I sound like a ridiculous schoolgirl, Noah scolded himself, I know Cody's straight. Beside, I have a boyfrien back home, so why bother? As he lay there, he thought about Joey-- his boyfriend back home. Joey had been with him through so much, always there to help him and protect him. And Noah loved him. He didn't need some straight guy to ruin his relationship....
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Okay... As there isn´t enough words in this whole wide world to describe how amazing, funny of simply incredible this video is! Let´s say that a wonderful genius created it. Here it is "Avenue Q" at the most NoCo style!!!
if u were gay
that ´ll be okay. i mean ´cause hey! i like u anyway...
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