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u warned me that u were gonna leave
I never thought u would really go
I was blind but baby now I see
I broke your heart
But now I know
That I was bein' such a fool
And I didn't deserve you

I don't wanna fall asleep
'Cause I don't know if I'll get up
And I don't wanna cause a scene
But I'm dying without yuor love
I'm begging to hear your voice
Tell me u love me too
'Cause I'd rather just be alone
If I know that I can't have you

Looking at the letter that u left
(A letter that u left
Will I ever get u back)
Wonderin' if I'll ever get u back
(Ooah ooah ooah ooah)
Dreaming about when I'll see u next...
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their preformance at the disney channel games cheremonies
jonas brothers
hold on
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