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Deleted scenes from season 2.
season 2
episode 1
the dundies
deleted scenes
The return of Michael's women on The Office.
the office
season 7
episode 4
sex ed
John Krasinski is that familiar voice in the new appel, apple commercial. I was like who in the hell is talking until i realized it was jim.../john.
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There’s Newfoundland and Labrador,
Saskatchewan, Ontario,
Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba,
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Prince Edward Island’s very small,
but British Columbia tops them all!

[And that's where Vancouver is.]

But… before I finish up my story,
u should know the territories.

There are only three so I’ll be quick,
the Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut.

If u want to have a ball,
there’s Saskatoon and Montreal.

And if u want to pack your sacks,
we’ll be going off the Halifax.

And if you’re looking for a wife,
be sure to visit Yellowknife.


Perennial geraniums,
nickel–think uranium,
are filling up my cranium,
the exports that they boast.

Keep going? No? Ingrates.
Angela Martin is pretty much my favoriete character. As a die-hard Office fan I love every single character but Angela comes out on top. I know a lot of u are big fans of Jim, Dwight, and the other "main characters" of the show. So, I am just going to toon some reasons why Angela is awesome.

She is one of those that u would just hate if u actually knew her.
Okay, this is my worst reason but it works. Obviously, many of the Office characters are
like this. But that's what make those characters hilarious. If I knew an Angela I would probably not be writing why she was awesome. So, yeah...
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deleted scenes
season 3
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