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“Happy Birthday, Soda.” u smile as u walk in the room.

His jaw drops at the sight of you, in your black lacy bra and panties just for this occasion.

“Wow.” He whispers.

You walk over to where he was sitting on the chair and straddle him. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” u whisper seductively in his ear. u start kissing him, tongues battling, then u pull away.

“Lets go into the kitchen.” u say.

On the keuken-, keuken tafel, tabel was a cake. u turned around to see Soda, overhemd, shirt and pants already off. u smile seductively, and take a handful of the cake, and rub it on your stomach. You...
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1. If u see Johnny as a deep person like Ponyboy does, add this to your profile.

2. Don't want a knight in shining armor; I want a greaser in Converse and hair grease!

3. If you're against animal cruelty, then copy this into your profile!

4. If you're against animal experimentation, then copy and paste!

5. when u hear the song "Replay" door Iyaz, your version of the first line is "Johnny's like a melody in my head...", then copy and paste.

6. If u love greasers, are a self-confessed greaser fan, and are a proud member of TEAM GREASER and...
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 u and Two-Bit <3
you and Two-Bit <3
u had been watching re-runs of Mickey muis in your room, wishing u could see your boyfriend, Two-Bit, but you’re grounded. u slipped off your jean shorts and started looking for something of Two-Bit’s that u could wear. As u zoek for his favoriete hoodie, u hear a knock on your window. u look and see your favoriete greaser guy standing there. u slide open the window and he kisses u before u could say something. u pulled away from him and whispered, “What are u doing here? u know I’m grounded!” He climbed into your purple room and wrapped his arms around...
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Okay first, I just wanted to say thanks for requesting and I love you. If u want to see meer request! meer info on my wall. Thanks. door the way, this is my first one so if it is bad, I could use some constructive criticism, not hate. Here u go!

For: Olivia

Finally, after a long dag of work, u were at home, in bed, and cuddling up to Mr. Bananas. It was 9:47pm when u actually fell asleep.
You were awoken door a yell and saw Dallas, your boyfriend of almost one year, lying on the floor holding his nose.
"Oh my gosh! What happened? Are u okay?" u panicked.
"You punched me!"
You couldn't help...
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u and Dally have been together for 2 years now. Dally had asked u out a week geleden to go to watch a movie with him. Today was the day! u got dressed u put on some jeans and a overhemd, shirt with black converse. While u were doing your hair Dally walks in and says "Man u sure are pretty!" u blushed and zei "Thanks😘" He zei "i'll wait in the living room" He walked away, and u finished up doing your hair and make-up as quick as possible so u didn't leave him waiting too long. u walk out and he's staring at you. u say "What? Do I look bad.. Omg I look bad... I'll go change I'm .."...
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u groan and turn over. u had the flu. u were really sore,tired, and cold. u thought nothing could make u feel better.

“Hey, (Y/N), u hungry?” Your boyfriend Soda asks from the doorway.

u shake your head. “I’m just cold.” u sniffle.

“Well that can be fixed.” He says smiling.

He gets onto the bed, and snuggles close to you, and puts all the blankets on top, boven of you.

“Soda, you’re gonna get sick and…”

“I don’t care… All I care about is you, and that you’re gonna feel better.”
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Ponyboy’s Perspective

“Dad, why does Jesus have a scary beard?” My eight jaar old Rhett whispers.

“I don’t know…Maybe they couldn’t shave back then.” I whisper back.

“Oh,” he nods. It seemed to make sense to him.

Twelve jaar old Scarlett looked over at us, trying to see what all the whispering was about. I waved my hand at her to tell her it wasn’t important.

Charlie had crawled into my lap halfway through the sermon. He was five now, but still my little man. He was half asleep door now.

(Y/N) was at home, on bed rest. Ella of Robert could be born any dag now. I would be a dad to four. That would be scary. Horrifying.

But I was happy.
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Ponyboy’s Perspective


“Yeah, Scar?” I say, looking away from the football game I was watching. I was holding Ella, she was 4 months old now.

“How did u and Mom meet?” The 12 jaar old asked.

“I bet it was an epic love story.” Eight jaar old Rhett says sarcastically.

“Was Mommy pretty when u met her?” Charlie, who was five now, asked.

“The prettiest girl I’d ever seen.” I smiled down at him. “Until Scar and Ella came along. Now I know the three prettiest girls in the world. Anyways, there’s not much to tell. I saw her one day, and I fell in love. I thought she didn’t like me…”

“Nah, I like u a lot.” (Y/N) grinned from the doorway.
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Johnny’s Perspective

Oh God how was I going to say this.

The rest of my life depended on this.

She was just perfect. In every way possible. She was beautiful. Kind. Sweet. Funny. Understanding. Just (Y/N).

And I needed to tell her.

Tell her how much I needed her, wanted her, and had to have her. It was a feeling beyond comprehension. It was love.

I needed to tell her I loved her.

So here I am, sitting in the lot, looking at the stars with (Y/N). Doing something I love with the one I love.

I look over at her, her eyes gleaming from the light of the fire.

“(Y/N)?” I ask as I grab her hand.

“Yeah?” She turns to face me.

“I-I think…” I start.

“Just say it,” she smiles.

“I love you.” I blurt out.

She looks surprised for a second. But then she grins.

“I love u too.”
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“What’s the prettiest thing about me?” u ask your boyfriend.

He pauses for a second, thinking.

“You.” He finally answers, smiling.

“That’s not one thing.” u roll your eyes and giggle.

“Yes it is. u are you. Without certain things, u wouldn’t be you. If you’re pretty eyes weren’t (eye color), u wouldn’t be you. If u didn’t snort when u laugh, u wouldn’t be you. If u didn’t randomly burst into song, u be you.
If u weren’t nice and sweet and funny, it wouldn’t be (Y/N). The (Y/N) I know, love and adore.” He smiles as he kisses u on the cheek.

“Really?” u ask.


“Really really?”

“Really really.”
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Dally’s Perspective

“Where the hell is she?!?” I storm into the emergency room.

“Excuse me sir,” one of the nurses says, holding me back a little. “Who are u looking for?”

“(Y/N). (Y/N) (Y/L/N). She’s my girlfriend. I got a call. She was in some accident.” I saw, kind of throwing my hands all around.

“I’ll check for you. One minuut please. Have a seat” The nurse said. But I saw it in her eyes. Something was wrong. I sat down, head in my hands.

The nurse walks back to talk to a doctor. They keep glancing over at me. Damnit. I wish they’d just tell me what was going on. The nurse nods her head, and the doctor starts walking toward me.

He stands in front of me. “You’re here for Ms. (Y/L/N)?”

“Yes sir.” I manage to say.

I see the sorriness in his eyes, and hear the sadness in his pause.

“I’m afraid she’s not going to make it.”

That was all I needed to hear before standing up.