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A hilarious lijst of things they will NEVER say... (NOAH FANGIRLS: Skip the first one for Noah, of I'll have to go into the Witness Protection Program...)

Genre: Humor/Parody

Ezekiel: Eva, you're a PMS bitch.

Eva: I like, love life, like, a lot, like ya totally!

Noah: I'm straight. (or) Oooh, something shiney!

Justin: Looks don't matter. (or) I'm not sexy!

Katie: I'm ugly.

Sadie: I hate Katie!

Tyler: Sports? Eww, no.

Izzy: *monotone voice* Wonderful weather we are having.

Cody: I'm not a ladies man.

Beth: Damnit, get away from me, Justin!

Courtney: I WANNA ROCK!

Harold: I have no wiked skills.

Trent: Gwen...
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It was bad enough when the catchy "I Wanna Be Famous" was cut to only twenty seconden in Total Drama All Stars. At least then we had the hope that it would be back to its original length for TDPI. Now, Cartoon Network has insisted that the theme song be shortened permanently, and as far as I know, not just in the US but in Canada too. Cartoon Network has no right to boss around the producers, and the fans, too. The reason Cartoon Network claims they insisted that the theme song be shortened was because they didn't think the audience could "sit through" it. Despite the fact that we sat through...
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posted by nocofangirl218
So, this is the volgende part of my TD camp. Also, yeah, I plan to make this part WAY better that the last one. Uh..yeah.....lets get started.


*at elimination ceromoney*

Chris: *walks up to the podeum* Well, well, well, if it isn't my favoriete bunch of losers. Also known as Team spek Hawks.

Alejandro: *glares at Chris* Well, at least we actually slow up to the elimination ceromoney*

Chris: >.< It wasn't my fault! My stylist called me last minute, and zei that she was going on vacation in the morning, and...
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Talia: Welcome to Hollywood Arts! This is a new toon I'd like to call TOTAL...DRAMA...VICTORIOUS! I'm Talia Reyes, your wonderful host! And who are my co-hosts? Say hi to Tori Vega and Cat Valentine!
Cat and Tori: *walk over*
Tori: hallo guys.
Cat: *giggles* Heehee, I'm on TV!
Talia: And here's Andre, Trina, Beck, and Jade!
Andre and Trina: *walks out*
Talia: Where's Jade and Beck?
Andre: *points behind him* Back there.
Jade: Do I really want to do this?
Beck: Probably not, but please, just do it anyway.
Jade: *groans* Fine, whatever.
Talia: Okay, now that everyone's here-
Robby: *runs in* Wait!
Trina: Oh...
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*Theme muziek plays*

Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Dead Rising!!!

Chris: and introducing my co-host CHUCK GREENE!!!

Chuck: yeah Im on this show!!

Chris: ok lets get to introducing our Contestants!

Chuck: they have been divided up into 4 groups of 2 and placed at random stores in the mall!!

Chris: they will have to make it back to the veilig room with out dying

Chuck: if they get bitten door the zombies we have the anti dote I think

Chris: lets play TERROR IS REALITY!!

*Camera goes to Stacey and Kurt in the Sports store*

Kurt: *scared* ahh man there everywhere out there

Stacey: oh calm down we can get out of...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
 courtney after getting out of the douche (just not as evel looking)
courtney after getting out of the shower (just not as evel looking)
me: wow alot of drama in the last episode, i am going to try to lighten it up because that was deep yeah know, well hope u like it.

(courtney ran all the way back down to bridgettes and is standing at the door,bridgette heers a nock on the door, p.s. gwen stayed the night)

Gwen: do u want me to get it?

Bridgette: na i got it.

(she gets off the divan, bank and opens the door)


Courtney:*sniffeling and has maskara running down her face* i got kicked out because i am pregnet.

Gwen: courtney, what happend?!?!?!

Bridgette: here go take a douche first.

Courtney: ok...
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This chapter is dedicated to 7thGradeGenius and rubberduck2 and duncan-superfan because they always commentaar and they will ve really happy that it doesn't finish yet, actually another story continue thanks to monica-san

15.Twitter and Asthma

Courtney took a deep breath, breathing in and out. For about three minutes, she will be doing this, and then she will go back to work. She rubbed her temples and took another deep breath.

“Do u have asthma, babe?” Duncan whispered in her ear lowly. “If u do, I’d gladly give u mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I’m not complaining.”

Courtney swiftly...
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Total Drama Island’s Lost Scene’s Chapter 1.

How Gwen found out about the picture of Courtney under Duncan’s pillow.

The campers where settling in and getting ready after the first challenge. Gwen thought, since she was done and ready to go, to surprise Trent in the guys trailer. She heard all the guys but him where wondering the lot so it seemed perfect.

The Goth snuck into the rusty trailer and was disappointed that her musical man wasn’t anywhere to be seen. With a sigh she turned to exit but was stopped door her guy friend staring at her.

“Girls aren’t allowed in here. But I can...
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 Manga Crossover!
Manga Crossover!
Rain stained the windows, as the rest of the Tendo bathroom was still...
"Duncan! You... You're a...Pig!" Ranma gasped leaning over the tub and getting a better look at the human.
"Ranma... YOUR DEAD!!" Duncan jabbed out his hand as it cut straight through the rag Ranma held before her face.
"WHOA! WAIT!" She screamed leaning back. She stared at his hand and took it away from the rag.
"So u did go to The Ground of Accursed Springs!" She said.
"Chasing you, I wondered throughout the vastness of China! For days I wandered... until that fateful day... Some strange girl knocked me from a cliff-- to...
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So..I'm doing a reviewing "Celebrity Manhunt's"From total drama action and I have to admit I do hate this episode but I don't think it's the worst episode of the worst season of total drama.But,I'm getting off topic.So it starts out with a un heard theme song than those two keep talking how they can't wait very annoyingly.Than ANOTHER theme song.After that they talk about what's going to happen of at lest their main plan about the day.And EASTER EGG ALEJANDRO'S ROBOT SUIT!But Now let's get to the main part of the episode they talk about what happened when we weren't looking.First they start...
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"Lat time on total random island Geoff got the boot and Scott was offered a datum door Serenity but wants to ask Courtney first." zei Chris. (Theme song plays) "sha-bam" zei lightning as he lifted a log. "So Serenity about that asking out?" zei Courtney.
"He zei he would consider it" replied Serenity in a half angry voice. (Courtney confessional) Scott better say no!(back to game)"umm Courtney" Scott zei in a shakey voice. "Yes" she replied. "Wanna maybe go out?" Scott asked. "Sure I'd love to" she zei looking at Serenity. Serenity gave her a dirty look back.
(Scott confessional) YEAH!(Serenity...
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First off, I was really bored so I decided to do a review of this episode of TDAS, Second, If u haven't watched this episode I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! u can watch it on Youtube of something...

Anyway... We start out this episode with Duncan saying Crud like 36 million times, Scott causes himself Erm... Painful? Pain door punching his bed and Alejandro is in a cocoon, tomorrow he should come out as a "BEAUTIFUL" Butterfly, That'll impress Heather...
In the girls cabine u might notice that the rabbit on Heather's Pajamas is STILL missing... And... Wait..? Doesn't Jo change clothes? That's...
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(Aftermath studio)
(Aftermath theme song is in the back ground)
Rochelle: Welcome to the Total Drama Reality Check Aftermath show!
Amber: I'm Amber.
Rochelle: And I'm Rochelle!
Amber: And don't miss this installment of-
Amber and Rochelle: The Total... Drama... Reality Check.. Aftermath show!!

(Theme song)

(Aftermath studio)
Rochelle: Today we got a special treat for everyone.
Amber: But first, let's bring in our.... non-winners.
Rochelle: First we Have Jason!
(Jason enters and everyone boos)
Jason: Oh shut the Fuck up Bitches.
Amber: Garrett!
(Garrett enters doing a back flip and everyone cheers)
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Vincent: Damn... who to vote for? Um...I guess may.

lily: annie of lia umm umm umm I guess err okay sorry vincent

Lia: Hmmm Let me think first name begins with A ends in Nnie. I can't believe she poked me in the eye!!!! Dx But meer importantly me and Jordan kissed!!!!!!!! xDD :D ahhh Jordan *Starts daydreaming*

Annie: I'll be nice this time and vote for may even though I really want to vote off Lia.

Mathew: Can't those both stop fighting for once?!?!Anyways I vote for Annie.


(Elimination ceremony)
Chris: okay everyone vote!
(Everyone votes)
Chris: okay. the first gilded Chris...
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Reality Check! Survivor! Well, Australian survivor. Here, our 24 contestants had to stay in the 110 degree heat, in the dag time, and the 21 degree heat at night, with no water. A snake peed in Jordan's mouth, Vincent saw something and freaked out, and reekalf, fawn fainted door doing jumping jacks. In the end, Jason's team was so annoyed door his contestant cussing, that they voted him off. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will think this episode was so last season? Find out right now on Total... Drama... Reality Check!

(theme song)

(Team Fake Boy's Trailer)
Blake: So Vincent....
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Annie: Okay, so I didn't really get to spend time with Jordan, that's fine! But I know someday he will be mine. (sighs)

Lia: Wow... I got to spend most of the time with Jordan... Right until the snake pee in his mouth... Gross... But I will not give you. u hear me Annie?! I will have Jordan just face the facts!

Blake: I'm so glad my team won again. It's a good thing for me to feel victorious.

Vincent: Dammit. Dammit. Dammit! (hits head against confessional wall)

Liza Stop thinking about Joss and Marissa. Stop thinking about Joss and Marissa. OHMYGOD Jorissa! STOP! (screams)

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*In the Green room*

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Video Game Highschool...

Sgt. Calhoun: we saw Isaac get the boot...

Chris: yeah thats what u get for messing with me...

Sgt. Calhoun: now we are down to 8 contestants...

Chris: but not for long....

Sgt. Calhoun: this is gonna be one of the most epic challenges to date...

Chris: Because they're no meer TEAMS!

Sgt. Calhoun: its the merge episode and its next!

*Theme muziek plays*
*In the cafeteria*

Jasper: *eating breakfast*

Sayu: so whats the plan next...

Jasper: Eliminate Draven at all costs...

Jimmy: good...
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posted by koalagirl9
It was Zoeys 17th birthday she wanted to have a big party with everyone form tdroti (considering she was lonely and had nobody to have party's with before)They were all around the bond brand eating cake when Zoeys Dog Lolly ran out.She ran after him along with Mike Cameron B and Dawn.They ended up running into the woods before catching the dog but at that point they were in the dark woods all alone.
Were are we?Zoey said.
I dont know.Dawns soft voice whispered.But i sense we should remain here for the rest of the night.By the way does anyone else smell pee?She continued.
I don't think Brick followed...
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! Alcatraz! The haunted jail. Here, the contestants had to try not to scream to win invisibility. They Merged. Rochelle and Annie saw Al capone. Chilly saw a ghost. And Joss and Lia didn't really see anything. In the end, It has Layla who won indivisibility. And even though Liza was voted off, Joss quit to get his love of his life farther in the game and maybe win. But will she? Find out right now on Total Drama Around the World!

(Theme song)

(Non-first class)
Liza: (holding onto Joss's necklace) (sigh)
Amber: I might have voted for you. But we're...
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