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Snowy woke up screaming as she felt kicking in her stomach. Her kits were coming! she scrambled out of her den, looking for a discreet place to have her kits. Snowy found one just a bit from her den. The snow was swirling all around her, making it hard to see, but when she looked down she could see her stomach bulging from her pups. she layed down in the snow and got comfortable. She wailed again as her kits pushed harder against her. she howled as her first pup started to emerge. it came out and the seconde one started coming too. she brought the first one closer to her. then the seconde and...
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F-I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole, diggy diggy hole, I'm digging a hole * falls in lava * NOOOOOO MY DIMONDS

T- I'm so evil

B- o.0


T- lol your a dwarf Fireheart

F- D:

G- guys I built a house!

B- wonderful now GET OUT OF MY FACE


T- oh yes u do


B- I killed a spider, 100 zombies, 10 creepers * not blowing up *, and 20 skeletains. I saw a spin jockey too :D

T- yay

G- we need to party

F- * dies in lava of happieness *
I want meer DIMONDS

T- can I go get the coal and sticks for the torches?


G- whoh Jay, your not alive yet?!

J- * self destructs *


G- here u go pet wolf
\ / \
) ( ' )
( / )
\( _) |

B- o.0

F- die schapen >:)

G- pilot pig to the rescue XD

T- it's the end, its the end D:
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Chapter 2.

“Today there will be two new apprentices! Mist kit, and Sun kit! Step vooruit, voorwaarts please.” Sun kit kept his excitement deep down and knew he would be a true warrior quicker if he was. He trotted infront of vos, fox Star, but mist kit bounced around in circled before she arrived. “Sun kit, from this dag forward, u will be known as Sun Paw. White Path will mentor you.” Sun paw smiled, he padded over to the deputy and greeting him. He then sat door him with their tails curled together. He then noticed the jealousy in mist paws eyes when she received her mentor.
“Meeting dismissed”...
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