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Hieronima posted on Mar 17, 2013 at 04:48PM
Hello everyone :)

This is my first post at this forum! I'm looking to buy Dr. Martens shoes, I've heard they are very comfortable! Right... but comfortable doesn't mean stylish :) What do you girls think? Any of you own a pair?

Cheers! :)

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een jaar geleden allenhill99 said…
Hi Hieronima,

This is also my first post. Yes I know Dr. Martens shoes are great and comfortable but I don't have any pair of them.
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een jaar geleden deeraj154 said…
Most of time i saw ! There are some people who love to wear thigh-high boots when they go out to places like dance clubs and bars. They add a little bit of excitement to any outfit and a whole lot of wow to your style. There are many different styles at fashion stores online to choose from.
een jaar geleden mehra45 said…
I think there are different different choice of womens. and, My friend also get great collections of styelish shoes..So they are very crazy about all this.