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posted by anime_obsessed5
Read this first!!
This is NOT like my other artikels this is not supposed to be funny.But some parts maybe.Now on with the story.

It's was a abnormal dag in the palace everyone was totally manic,Mana just stud there watching the chaos.She just sighed no one would tell her what was going on not even Mahado would tell her,he zei it would cause her harm,and she Hadn't seen Atem once,but the servants zei she was not allowed out of her room.So she just looked out her window leaning against the wall,she wanted to go out and have an adventure with Atem and Mahado like she used to.She saw someone...
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posted by Mana-Princess
Okay, i'v decided to make a lion king fan fiction, and before I post the real thing..... Just wanted to say, "I do not own YU-Gi-Oh, of The Lion King!"

I would also like to introduce the cast. ^^ Here we go.

Aknamkanon- Mufasa

Okay, I hope u will enjoy this. Comment, tell me what u think.... :/
So i'd also like to point out I tried to make it as human like as possible..... If I failed a little, i'm sorry..... :/ I think you'll enjoy it though, I worked very hard on this.......
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