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de keuze van de fan: Original
A Howl- iday Adventure
de keuze van de fan: Alpha and Omega 8: Journey to bier Kingdom
Alpha and Omega 8: Journey to...
Norm of the North
de keuze van de fan: Yes
de keuze van de fan: Dino digs
Dino digs
A howl iday adventure
de keuze van de fan: Kate
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TimberHumphrey zei …
how did Ash Brannon went from co-directing Toy Story 2, a classic sequel loved door almost everyone..... to directing a bland, forgettable snooze-fest like Rock Dog? geplaatst ·10 uren geleden
Shadow1997 commentaar gegeven…
That movie i feels was a insult to rock muziek and Furries. ·3 uren geleden
SentinelPrime89 zei …
Zootopia deserves a proper sequel way meer than Frozen. Frozen needs to friggin' die already. At this point, it doesn't even need a sequel to be popular... of course, Disney's doing it anyway. geplaatst ·14 uren geleden
TimberHumphrey commentaar gegeven…
i'm sick and tired of Frozen! ·11 uren geleden
TimberHumphrey zei …
the most shocking thing about 2016's animated movies: Kubo and the Two Strings being a box office bomb. no, seriously. what the hell, people?! geplaatst één dag geleden 1
Shadow1997 commentaar gegeven…
I dont like animations like that. So i didnt watch it één dag geleden 1