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Fan fiction by Cinders posted een jaar geleden
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Greetings, fair denizens of the Fanpop Realm. It is I, Groosalugg, contacting u from the place once called Los Angeles and now redubbed "Hell," although it is my understanding that the citizens here and elsewhere called it that long before it was actually enveloped door flames.

After my successful recap of the events preceding the story of Volume the Seconde of ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL, a strange behest found its way into my cyber parchment mailbox. I soon discovered, vigilant as I am, that the cyber parchment was from one who claimed to be the Lord of the Fanpop, with a request that I blog a review of his bright little fiefdom in the Realm of Cybre Space. His hope was that the effects of the "Groo-induced-vapors" that the man-woman Ry-all had feared would in fact tempt other surfers of the inter-oceans into the Fanpop Realm. Such is the appeal of I, Groosalugg, survivor of the Scum Pits of Ur, Champion of Pylea, and proud originator of the 4,000,000,543rd most populair weblog in all the land. As one may plainly see, the Lord BrinteyFan2005 has been overtaken, and thus must now be redubbed, as it is...