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D|E - the man in the dream

damon & elena | where we belong.

damon+elena | (4x10) "my love is nothing to hide."


Damon & Elena | It's u

Damon + Elena - Intense

Damon and Elena || Hard to Love

Damon and Elena -"Season4" ღ wait for it ღ !!

Damon & Elena ll I Choose u

{{Damon & Elena}} - Fix u

Nina & Ian - Smile (For Anna)

Damon Salvatore <3 MOnster

Damon & Elena - Can't face the dark without u

Hero- A Delena Story

damon & elena ; Long lost & Gone [ Fanfic trailer ]

Delena\ when your gone

Damon + Elena

Damon and Elena~ Enjoy the silence

Damon & Elena~Ghosts

Damon and Elena Howl

Damon and Elena - Colorblind

Damon/Elena ;; Can I have this dance?


"..Infect me with your love.." | Damon; Elena |

i would die for u {damon.elena}

Would u Hold It Against Me - // - Damon & Elena FT. Stefan & Katherine*

Damon & Elena - I Can't Be What She Wants Me To Be ...

Damon & Elena - Nothing that I do will ever be enough for u ...

Damon and Elena (Nature's Law)

Damon&Elena -[just me and you]

Ian & Nina

Nina&&Ian; Cause you're all I want...

Ian & Nina | "..I could really use a wish.."

Ian/Nina - Love The Way u Lie

Ian & Nina: Smile

Damon & Elena // How u Remind Me

I love u // damon&elena // (Read description)

Damon&Elena - Forever in love

Damon/Elena- Come home pagina (Season 2)

The Vampire Diaries - Damon & Elena \ Come home pagina

Damon/Elena "i can prove it"

How Damon and Elena Could End Up

"I need you" Damon&Elena

The Vampire Diaries ~ Damon & Elena ~ All I want

Elena and Damon - Broken Pieces

Damon & Elena All ready Over.

ღ Damon & Elena ღ Shattered

Damon and Elena - Never Want To See u Again

Damon and Elena, not pulling away

You're Lying to Yourself; Damon & Elena [2x01]

Damon & Elena || The Way I feel

Damon & Elena - Over And Over

♥ Damon & Elena || u belong with me || ♥

Damon&Elena ♥ What's left of me

Damon & Elena | Please Don't Go

Damon&Elena | You're so hypnotising

My name is Death || Damon ♣ Elena

Damon & Elena " There is nothing good about him "

Damon&Elena [Not Giving Up On Love]

Damon&Elena [Soulmates]

Damon&Elena // Heavy in your arms

Damon ♦ Elena / Futuristic Lover

Hurt // Hate || Damon & Elena

Forgive u || Damon ♣ Elena

Forgive & Forget

Damon/Elena | Salt Skin

Broken || Damon ♣ Elena

Damon & Elena: Desperate for u

Damon & Elena - All I Need

Damon&Elena [All I Need]

Damon&Elena - [Airplanes]

stardust (damon/elena)

be with me, stay with me (damon/elena)

Damon & Elena - I See u (Vampire Diaries)

Damon&Elena - Futuristic Lover

Damon&Elena...E.T.(Futuristic Lover)

Center of attention | Damon/Elena (1x19)

why don't u like me | damon (+ elena)

Elena/Damon [I Need A Heartbeat]

[S2] Shattered - Damon & Elena

Damon&Elena [Fall In Love With Me]

Damon&Elena [Be Mine]

Damon & Elena 2x08 - The Scientist (Vampire Diaries)

Girlfriend - Elena/Damon

Bloodstream - Damon/Elena

Damon & Elena: Please don't go


Ian/Nina - hallo Soul Sister

*you have stolen my heart* Ian & Nina

Ian/Nina hallo hallo

nina dobrev/ian somerhalder - follow me down

damon/elena; & it's because i love you...

Vampire Diaries 2x08 - Damon tells Elena he loves her

Vampire Diaries Rose Damon tells Elena he loves her.

Damon tells Elena he loves her [2x08] Rose

The Vampire Diaries - Damon & Elena

Delena-The Vampire Diaries-Damon and Elena's Best moment!-FOREVER door Mister Sun

Vampire Diaries 2. Staffel Damon und Elena Kuss / deutsch

Damon and Elena Scenes Season 2 Episode 2

Damon and Elena Scenes Season 2 Episode 3