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posted by jarik
Hi everyone I want to wish u all a happy new year. I hope all your dreams and hopes come true
for u in 2009 and that the coming jaar will be even better than 2008.

I also hope that Fanpop will grow within the coming year. We don't have the same number of users as meer well known sites. But,hopefully,
with a little word of mouth exposure we can increase our numbers. So tell your vrienden about

Finally I would those who woud like to put their hope and wishes for 2009 in the commentaren below.

Finally I hope u all will be veilig and having fun
in the coming year. Take care all.
posted by JoKeR-
 Nosemuffin JoKeRizEd!
Nosemuffin JoKeRizEd!
Cammie, Cinders, and Classicalnadia all turned to where Shadowflame was pointing. He was right, someone was watching them, someone peeking out their window a couple houses down.
"Cammie, Classicalnadia u two stay here, let Cinders and I check it out." Cinders and Shadowflame walked cautiously toward the eerie person staring at them through the window. Cinders, with her gun clenched in her hands, approached the window closely trying to make out a face.

"Come on out, we won't hurt you." zei Cinders. The person in the window grew scared and ran away.
"No! We lost 'em! zei Shadowflame (not...
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It's been a while, well, it's not, but to other people it might seem like it. I've not died, I've not gone on extended vacation, Joe hasn't murdered me and left me in a basement until I've gone off (well... that's true except for the being in a basement). Admitedly I haven't geplaatst nearly as much as I did around half a jaar ago, I sign in from time to time, leave a couple of commentaren and wander on my merry way again.

It wasn't that Fanpop got bad, it was just my own need for some time away, at the time Fanpop was going through what I like to see as its 'early teenage' stage, it was just discovering...
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posted by harold
This artikel was started back in December, and was last edited here on 8 June 2008.

2006 was a tumultuous jaar for me. In the spring my wife and I discovered that we were pregnant again, and believe me when I say that there are a host of attendant anxieties that come with any pregnancy. How could we fit another person into our already-cramped house? How could we afford to support another? Beyond that, I'd just become the project manager of a pretty high-profile project in the middle of the project, and that had a bunch of issues that I inherited.

In the midst of this, I was invited to participate...
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