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Tribute to Sirius Black { When u were young }

Harry Potter~Take it off~

Dumbledore's Army RAP

Harry & Hermione ; Wonderwall

harry potter. [merry christmas]

Funny Weasley Scene #21 | "You do it, if you're so clever!"

Funny Weasley Scene #19 | Ron gets whacked!

Funny Weasley Scene #7 | Ron's Howler

Funny Weasley Scene #18 | "How'd it go?"

Funny Weasley Scene #14 | The Weasleys Fireworks

Funny Weasley Scene #13 | Cheating the Age Line

hp | time of our lives

You're watching Disney Channel-with Voldemort!

What REALLY goes on at Death Eater meetings!

Deathly hallows//Closing walls and ticking clocks

I'm Not That Girl- A Ron/Hermoine Video

The Wizard and I

harry potter | "i won't let u fall"

harry potter; u didn't come back to me

Harry Kisses Cho

Harry Potter//Christmas Lights

No One Mourns Voldemort

Harry Potter Christmas: "Where Are u Christmas?"

Mirror of erised. Snape&Lily

19 Years Later

Courtyard Apocalypse

Dragon Flight

Battle Aftermath

Room Of Requirement

Battle Of Hogwarts

Protego Maxima


Neville's Speech

The Resurrection Stone

Dumbledore's Death

Sirius' Death

Harry Arrives At The Burrow


Half Blood Prince Trailer

Half Blood Prince Trailer

Order Of The Phoenix Trailer

Order Of The Phoenix Trailer

Goblet Of brand Trailer

Goblet Of brand Trailer

Prisoner Of Azkaban Trailer

Prisoner Of Azkaban Trailer

Chamber Of Secrets Trailer

Chamber Of Secrets Trailer

Philosopher's Stone Trailer 2

Philosopher's Stone Trailer

Hong Kong Interview with Emma Watson fot Channel Young


Rita Skeeter - Superfreak!

Poker face remix~Harry Potter

Funny Weasley Scene #8 | "Spiders Want Me To Tap Dance!"

Wars don't stop for Christmas, we just have to keep fighting

Born This Way

Harry Potter Students Can't Be Tamed

ϟ Moves Like Jagger ϟ

Harry Potter-The Catalyst (A Look Back)

Harry Potter-Ultranumb

harry potter | u have all the weapons u need

Darkest Before The Dawn | Harry Potter

The prince's tale

this is how the story ends | harry potter (for liz)

Hunter - wolf Like Me [Trailer 2, Harry Potter OC Fanfiction]

Draco & Harry l Gives u Hell

Deathly Hallows Graveyard Scene

Harry and Hermione Dance Scene

20 Harry Potter Character Themes with Reasons

Harry Potter Awesome Character Theme Songs!!!

Harry Potter in 99 seconden using lego

Godric's Hollow: "Awakening the dead..."

Hermione's Yule Ball Entrance

Harry Potter DH2 Your Guardian Angel

Harry Potter in 30 seconden

Dumbledore's Army-It's My Life

Behind the scenes

[DH2] From this dag forth, u put your faith in me

Unlikely Lines To Hear From The Final Harry Potter Book-Mock The Week

Harry Potter quidditch

Snape's Memories

Harry Potter In 99 seconden

You're A Wizard Harry (Contains Bad Language)

Voldemort Remix


Troll In The Dungeon Remix

Bad Dobby

Awesome Severus Snape Impression

Harry Potter Chin Impressions

Pokemon Harry Potter

We Will Rock u

Court of Miracles

The Mob Song

Harry Potter Disney Theme Songs

Be Prepared-Voldemort and The Death Eaters

Jk Confesses that she wanted to kill Ron >:(

the awesomeness of Bellatrix!

Rupert Grint's rap

Its a inpakken, wrap last dag of Harry Potter