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 Your Birthday cake!<3 Yummy
Your Birthday cake!<3 Yummy
Hola! Hola! :D

I have written this little artikel & dedicated to my creative Iti:))As ,It's her Birthday today!:D

So,Let me wish her first!!!!:)
'Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday,Happy Birthday!


This is the first time,when I'm celebrating your birthday(I means Mrs. Daniel Radcliffe,OMG U r so lucky)!!!& fortunately..I'm online at this time!,So I thought..Let's do something for you!!!:D


I am really lucky that I have met you,Iti!<3
We both...
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It's like a special dag for you
just open your gifts that your vrienden gave you
listen to the words that the people are saying
they have a smile on their faces and saying

Happy birthday dear Iti.
It's like a dag that u always wanted.
u are now 17
just look out of the window
the birds are singing the wind is touching your face.

just a write time for the perfect dance.
the candles are looking at you
and saying just blow us faster
u want to blow them and then u cut the cake
and it's like magical dream.

Happy birthday dear Iti
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