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de keuze van de fan: avondeten, diner
de keuze van de fan: #4
de keuze van de fan: They're okay, but I like others more.
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jlhfan624 zei …
Would anyone be interested in reading murder mystery stories I write? I would publiceer these in artikels and they would be one of two different types of stories. One would be quick one-shots of stories, each a different character and mystery, u can try to figure out whodunit. The other would be a long story I would publiceer across multiple artikels - this one u get meer invested in, it's one story, setting, and characters. If you're interested, please tell me which of these is meer appealing. geplaatst ·19 dagen geleden
ktichenor commentaar gegeven…
Sounds awesome! Both sound really interesting! Whatever works for you, I'm eager to read either one of both 😊 ·19 dagen geleden
yorkshire_rose commentaar gegeven…
That would be fantastic Heather ! Iwill look vooruit, voorwaarts to it 💖 ·11 dagen geleden
jlhfan624 zei …
Since I opened up a few months geleden about my anxiety and being hospitalized for it, I want to give a kind of update.. I had been doing really good until the last week of so. I'm not sure what happened. I have been getting help since I left the hospital, but now it feels it's not enough. I'm feeling lonely again and don't have any energy of will to do anything. u may have noticed I only come on here every 5 days of so...I just don't care. About anything. geplaatst ·3 maanden geleden
jlhfan624 commentaar gegeven…
I don't watch my favoriete shows and I don't even enjoy them when I do. I haven't read a book in months. I don't even play many games on my phone anymore which I used to be obsessed with. ·3 maanden geleden
Karoii-chan commentaar gegeven…
I'm very sorry to hear that. I know that anxiety can make u really detached from daily life... hope that u recover from this anxiety attack soon, God-willing, so that u can be happy again. Try hanging out with your vrienden and family meer - being around other people, especially the ones u love, can really help distract u from negative thoughts and it can possibly make u reconnect with the things that u enjoyed doing! één maand geleden 1
jlhfan624 commentaar gegeven…
Thank u for your comment. Unfortunately I literally have no friends, just the ones online. And my anxiety (along with my general disdain for people overall) prevents me from really having any. I've thought about taking some classes at the bibliotheek to start easing myself into it though :) één maand geleden 1
jlhfan624 zei …
Love the new club look! Thanks to all who voted! geplaatst ·3 maanden geleden
ktichenor commentaar gegeven…
It's gorgeous! 🎅 ·3 maanden geleden