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Opinion by yorkshire_rose posted ·3 maanden geleden
fan of it?
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Our Lovely Friend Heather ❤️

Although Heather and I have been on fanpop for many years now,it's only over the last jaar that I have really gotten to know her.I wish I would have connected with her sooner,but it's ok.I am connecting with her now and that's the main thing.

Heather is a gracious giver nothing is too much trouble for her.She is very kind,creative and supportive to all her vrienden on fanpop.Her knowledge for boeken knows no bounds.We can all learn a lot from her.Just take a look at her book section in the forum.Heather describes them in detail and with a true passion.She is a true inspiration and I am proud to call Heather my friend.She also has a love for animals especially cats.Make no mistake though... she is one strong very independent young lady,who is not afraid to speak her mind, but has a soft center.Fanpop would not be the same without Heather,she has created many beautiful icons/banners,polls and much more.Love u Heather, my life is richer with u in it ❤️