Make a lijst of 15 Fanpop users. (One of them should be you)

Then using the numbers, answer these questions/scenarios.

#1 and #14 get into an argument. What could u imagine it being over?

#2 #3 and #7 go on an adventure but were stopped door a giant troll. #3 does something stupid while the other to flee.

#4 and #10 randomly started dating. Your reaction?

#5 and #12 decided to have a slumber party together. What do u want to make them do?

#6 commentaren on how hot #8's ezel is as he/she goes walking by.

#9 and #11 are forced to work in a group project together where they need to create a story. Would it work well?

#13 and #15 get in an argument over the last Klondike bar. Who wins it?

All the odd numbers through a house party together. How would that house party be?

All the even numbers were all put in a horror movie. In what order would they die?

All of the people on your lijst were put into an anime and/or Reality TV show. What would be their roles?
 Riku114 posted een jaar geleden
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