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ktichenor zei …
Joined! :) geplaatst ·2 maanden geleden
ktichenor commentaar gegeven…
Cool club! ·2 maanden geleden
SilentForce commentaar gegeven…
Thanks :D ·2 maanden geleden
ktichenor commentaar gegeven…
Welcome! :)) ·2 maanden geleden
Karoii-chan zei …
u changed the icoon and I couldn't find it in our lijst of common clubs. xD geplaatst ·2 maanden geleden
SilentForce commentaar gegeven…
Yup,I decided that this club needs a new look and what would be meer suitable for the new look than my current damned obsession?XD ·2 maanden geleden
GDragon612 commentaar gegeven…
I feel the swag I feel Marian goud ~love is in the air wohooooo!!!!!*-*<3 één maand geleden 1
GDragon612 commentaar gegeven…
ALPHAVILLE IS IN DA HOUSE*SCREAM* !!!!!!!!!!!!!! BÄÄÄM !!!!!!!!! één maand geleden 1
SilentForce zei …
''The spring is in the air, the silence in the skies,
the wind is in his hair, the moon is in his eyes
the bats play on but he'll be gone,
before the world has left the night,

the spring is in the air,the stars have left the skies,
the wind blows through the leaves,the world becomes alive,
the birds sing on but he has gone,
before the morning spreads its light'' geplaatst ·3 maanden geleden
Lusamine commentaar gegeven…
Did u write that? *stalking* ·3 maanden geleden
SilentForce commentaar gegeven…
Nope XD Those are lyrics from the song Elegy door Alphaville ·3 maanden geleden
GDragon612 commentaar gegeven…
Cas`p u can stalk Bishounene bully too !!!!!!!!!! he is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! ·16 dagen geleden
SilentForce commentaar gegeven…
^XD ·15 dagen geleden