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 Sonadow Babies 2
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The seconde part ... Which took me forever to change...
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Me: o.0;
Rouge: WRITE. NOW!

(Shadow's mansion, 4:03 p.m.)
Soni leaned back, loosening his body, as Shadow placed his lips over his lover's shaft,as he touched the sensitive sex part. Shadow licked it, slowly then faster, as he progressed to putting his entire mouth on it, pumping up and down. Sonic was moaning quietly, his shaft growing. Shadow bobbed his head faster, becoming hard as well. Sonic moaned from the pleasure, curling his fingers into a fist, his face with closed eyes. Shadow stopped, and slid up, to kiss Sonic tenderly, licking his cheek....
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Me:Okay, now that I've got my head straight, and have an idea of what to do next, I'm gonna make it longer, Kay?
Rouge: Let's just go on, I'm depressed...
Me:Okay... Weird O.o

(Tails' workshop 12:31 PM)

Sonic was in tails' first aid room. It was all white, giving it a creepy hospital appearance. Tails took out some cotton and alcohol, and Sonic knew that would hurt much more, but momentarily. Tails soaked the cotton with the alcohol,"Oh, and if you're wondering, this will hurt u much meer than regular alcohol." He poured it.

(Outside of Tails' workshop 12:33 PM)

The boys heard a yelp...
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 sonadow winter olimpics
sonadow winter olimpics
we all love sonadow i decided to make sonadow t-shirts im gonna give one to evrey fangirl for the boys ill probally make too i can just send u a desing also merchandice can toon your a fand so if u need merchadice write on my uithangbord of this one.merchandice will say im a fan and im proud of it.the best part is it is 50 cents now i also do other clubs if u want like amy rose GIR sonamy lucky ster sonic simpsons and commentaar me on here of my wall.if u think this is stupid dont post this is forn sonadow fans only.
 sonadow (:
sonadow (: