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cyrus498 posted on Aug 08, 2012 at 06:24AM
you can be a undertaker or a deadman


deadman info:what you did to become in the deadman prison

your branch of sin attack:


hair color,eye color


Oh by the way cyrus makes the rules around here DUE to me being tamaki so eat that
 u can be a undertaker of a deadman name deadman info:what u did to become in the deadman p
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een jaar geleden nidoqueen said…
Fay:i still have the power i was born with and thus you douhgt those powers

zandra:there you go brother all better
een jaar geleden cyrus498 said…
veince:you mean doubt
een jaar geleden nidoqueen said…
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
Sagi sat down in the middle of the hallway with Nate and Ace. "Ha, i got 2 aces and a jack." he layed his cards down on the floor.
Nate smirked. "I got 2 kings and a queen." he layed his cards down above Sagi's
Ace laughed. "I win again." he layed down 3 aces.
Sagi groaned. "Damnet....." he stood up. "Go ahead, take your best shot."
Ace smirked and stood up. He formed a giant sphere of blood and launched it into Sagi's chest, sending him flying back into the wall.
Sagi stood up and shook his head. "That ones gonna leave a mark."
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
(I'm back ppl)
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
(Cool :P)
een jaar geleden nidoqueen said…
Fay:infact i already did the trancefer
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
Leo laughed and high fived Ace, "Nice shot."
Ace started laughing. "Thanks."
Sagi smacked Ace in the head. "Payback."
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
Aio:*walks out of her cell*ahh~~~fresh air*she took a deep breath,yawned a little*now where is that annoying Veince*clicked her nutkles*we are not done with that fight,I command a rematch*pulls out her sword,her arm ached and she droped the sword*ouch....*as blood pouring out of her arm*shouldnt start a fight now....
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
Ace rubbed his head. "Hey! I won fare and square!!"
Sagi crossed his arms. "Its weird that you two get the same set of cards every time."
Leo smirked. "I guess we're just lucky."
Ace nodded. "Come on, my name is ACE!! I live to play cards!"
Sagi rolled his eyes. " bored, so what the hell do we do now?"
Leo shrugged.
Ace did the same.
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
Aio:*she looked around,holding her bleeding arm*well,I'm a guest...*looked down at her prisoner suit*er.....well...a unwanted guest...I will just go look around myself*she walked into the mens' cell group*ohhh,intresting*she stuck her touge out at them*cant get me
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
Sagi groaned. "Well we need SOMETHING to do!!"
Leo sighed. "Yep...."
Ace started thinking. "Lets fight then......"
Sagi smirked. "Sounds good to me."
Leo shook his head. "Im not holding back*
Ace smirked. "Fine by me...."
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
Aio:*she heard the word fight then start to sprint*eeeekkkk,can I join you guys??I really want a fight!
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
Ace scratched the back of his head. "Uhhh, who the hell are you?"
Leo shook his head. "No."
Sagi punched him in the arm. "Why not?"
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
Aio:*she looked up at him,looking small*im Aio,I don't know why I was sent here.....somehow I woke up here*she sighed,looks up again*im in for a fight,just to keep me buzy in this mad place*she smiled*
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
Sagi nodded. "Can do."
Leo frowned. "No we cant."
Ace smacked Leo in the head. "YES we can."
Leo pushed Ace into the wall. "Wanna fight about it?"
Ace cut open his wrist and shot a sphere of blood into Leo's chest and knocked him back. "Does that answer your question!"
Sagi smirked. "Its started..." he cut the palm of his hand and formed a katana of blood.
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
Aio:*her blue eye shone brightly,and her red eye shone like flames,she pulled a scythe out of her shirt*ready as alway*she charged towards Sagi,a robot like voice came out of her:target Locked.she jumped up and slammed her scythe on his shoulder*
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
A shadow of excitment covered Sagi's eyes. "Your gonna have to do better than that....."
He grabbed the scythe and yanked it forward, then sliced her across the arm. "
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
Aio:*stuck her touge out at him*that was practice*she pulled a sword out*now I'm for real!*she stabed him in the chest,next to the heart,pulled out a little knige,stabs him in both arms so he can't move,wipes blood off her face*
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
Sagi smirked. " i can get serious." his blood shot out of the ground as spikes and pierced her arms and legs so she couldnt move either. "Now we play a game......" a psychotic smile spread across his face. "The Piercing 30 Countdown."
Leo looked back from his fight with Ace. "Uh oh, thats not good."
Ace stood up. "Should we stop the fight? Im sure there are many other chances for those two to fight."
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een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
Aio:*leans forward,bout 1mm from his face*sounds intresting*chains fall out of her pocket,breaking away the spikes,she stretched her arm,stood up*but not today,I'm too tired to play with you freaks*she walk out and waved as she walks out*sayonara.......*her voice echoed in the room*
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
Sagi smirked. "I guess i can just let you off with a warning." he lifted his arm up. "One...." a spike of blood burst through the walls and stopped an inch away from her face, then withered and fell to the ground. Sagi yawned, and fell asleep.
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
Aio:*turning back*thanks for the gift*she wipes blood with her finger,then licked the blood*heres on for you*she sends a wire to sagi's ear*heres a stylish earing for you to remember*the wire locked on his ear,a star sigh appeared at the bottom of the wire*oh ya,;use a reminder,don't try to open that,it will just hook on else where,bye.*she went back to her cell,she listened as another cell girl said to her cellmate
Girl:how can she just walk in and out of her cell?
Cellmate:special treatment,I bet she's somekind of demon,control everyone with her eyes...shush now,she can hear us.
Aio:your right,that's why you both can't live*she muttered,sending chains to the next cell,the chains striked both girl,chaining them on the wall*you seem to know too much...*she lay back on her bed,slowly falls asleep....*
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
Sagi snored lightly.
Leo facepalmed. "Wow, i dont know anyone who can fall asleep that fast." he nudged Sagi with his foot. "I think that girl likes 'em"
Ace rolled his eyes. "Whatever, Sagi's a freakin psycho at times, i dont think she does."
They both shrugged and went to there cell.
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
---Aio's dream---
Aio:where am I,why is it so dark,where's my cell??
....there was nothing,no creatures haunting her,it was just a blank...
Aio:*screams loud enough to wake up the whole girls cell*
Girl1:oi,if you don't want to sleep,its fine,don't wake us up too*rubs her eyes*
Girl2:she's right,stop being selfish,freak.we all need sleep.
Girl3:I remembered that you can get out of cell when ever you want,now is the time bitch.
Girl4:ya,let's go guys,let miss freakshow have a time-out..
..the crowd moves away...
Aio:*sigh*so I'm a freak.....well..too bad then..*walks out of cell and stretches arms,she sat down under a tree,breathing slowly*mom,dad,Rika,I'm sorry*subs quietly*im coming after you*pulling out a knife*well,this is it,no more miss freakshow*moves knife towards her heart,a bird flew on her shoulder and gave her a fright,move the knife towards her arm and stabs down*even a bird can hurt me,I'm such a loser*pulling her knife out*maybe its not the time*she tears part of her dress off,bandaging her arm*its not the time.........
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
Sagi jumps up suddenly. He was breathing heavily. He clenched his fists and growled. " going to kill you......" he stood up. "Where ever the hell you are.....i'll find you....."
een jaar geleden smartone123 said…
What i miss?)
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
(Nothin much, just a little fight)
een jaar geleden smartone123 said…
(ah XDX)
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
(haha,that was fun,finish you up next time Jake :P)
Aio:wander how they are doing*walks towards their cell,knocks on the door*cough,cough,cell inspecting*she said in a deep voice,giggles aside*
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
(Ha! :) yeah, alright)
Sagi leans back against a wall and sighs. "What do i do now....."

Leo opened up the cell. "Huh? Oh hey, whats up?"
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een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
Aio:*takes off her jacket*hows my men voice*she joked*
een jaar geleden smartone123 said…
shane:perches in a high place watching eyes emotionless
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
Aio:*walks pass Leo*good morning*she waved to the rest of the prisoners*
een jaar geleden nidoqueen said…
Fay:*goes back to zandra and the others* I'm back and zack i got good news for you
zack:what cuz
Fay:you don't have to worry about her aborting the kid anymore
zack:that's grate what did you do?
Fay:i did the trancfer without her knowing
Zack:you got it?
een jaar geleden cyrus498 said…
veince:i hate everybody.......*goes to fay*ITS GONNA BLOW!*traps her in a blood tornado*
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
Aio:*walks barefoot on the grass,sits down under her tree*no more annoying wonderland...*she sighed*no more annoyinh veince....*she leaned her head against the tree,breathing shallowly,she forced a smile,then looked up to the blue sky*
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
Sagi sits in the middle of the hall. He was lost in his thoughts.
Leo walked up to him. "Hey, whats up?"
Sagi doesnt say anything.
Leo scratches the back of his head. "Hey, anybody in that head of yours?"
Sagi still doesnt say anything.
Ace walks up beside Leo. "Whats up with him?"
Leo shrugs.
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
Aio:ah,I before I leave,I want to finish that battle*she gets up,walked in front of the cell door,sighed for a while,then knocked*
een jaar geleden smartone123 said…
een jaar geleden nidoqueen said…
Fay:this can't kill me *flies out of the blood tornado*
een jaar geleden cyrus498 said…
(no godmodding you cant ultimately avoid a fucking bigass attack and no offense if im being rude!) veince:shut up
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…
(your language.but the no godmodding part I can't argue with,oh ya and Cyrus,why don't you add rules?)
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een jaar geleden nidoqueen said…
Fay:i'll shut up when you leave my family alone and let me help you out
zandra:*look of pain*
een jaar geleden JuliKuran said…

deadman info:discovered by his mother one day,she begun to abuse him.he killed her then everone that knew and dissed him.

your branch of sin attack:Guns

height:6,1 age:18

haiir color:dark purple. eye color :sea blue


(the shits I make up,haha)
een jaar geleden nidoqueen said…
Zandra:fay are you ok
zack:yeah fay
fay:i think so
een jaar geleden Liquidz-Flamez said…
Leo nudged Sagi with his foot. "Yo....." he went over and opened the door. "Oh...hey Aio."
Sagi still stays silent. Staring down at the floor.
Ace groaned. "Are we talking to a freakin brick wall!!?"
Sagi stands up suddenly and puts his hands in his pockets and walked past Aio and down the hall.
Leo sighed. "I wonder whats going on in that head of his....."
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een jaar geleden nidoqueen said…
Fay:hmmmmm i wonder where anthony is
baby Molly:da
een jaar geleden nidoqueen said…
Zandra:thank goodness you both is ok
een jaar geleden smartone123 said…
is with his girfriend-kenji
is asleep snoring-meoko
still on his perch-shane