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 Princess Snow White
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princess snow white
NOTE ♥ This is not necessarily my personal opinion but the majority of Fanpoppers' choices.

9. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Despite its lack of appreciation on Fanpop, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs remains an iconic film praised for its groundbreaking animation. Before Snow White, animatie in America was used primarily for silly short stories and propoganda. It was considered absurd when Walt himself first embraced the idea of creating a full-length, animated feature film. Critics all thought that no one would ever take a simple, overstretched cartoon seriously on the big screen....
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Here is the volgende part of Disney Princess Most Emotional Sad Scenes. I hope that u enjoy it!

10. Ariel’s collection been destroyed
 Ariel’s collection been destroyed
Ariel’s collection been destroyed

The scene where King Triton discovers her secret place and with that, Prince Eric’s sculpture, he destroyed the collection and Ariel was so sad is in tenth place. fans argued that is sad but not as emotional. This scene was not touching at all. My opinion was that I was angry with her father because he did and I was sad for her because this collection it might be took a lot of time to get her collection.

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