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 I X Serena
I X Serena
I have be an avid fan of Gossip Girl from its pilot episode where I clearly remember when Serena busje, van der Woodsen stepped into the airport in tune with the “She’s Back” slogan. But lately, Gossip Girl and Serena are getting on my nerves. Why do I have such a beef with Serena’s character?

First of all, I have a serious problem with someone who does not learn from vorige mistakes, but habitually makes decisions that are based on lies and cover-ups. Serena is a serial liar. She lies to everyone about everything. Serena has lied to Nate, Blair, Dan, and her countless other boyfriends and...
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“How did it all happen?” She whispered sullenly, almost breathlessly. Her vision was distorted, blurry from her tears. They were also bloodshot and her face had paled as well, sometime during her breakdown.

From the other side of the desk, the woman sat there with her head cocked to the side, portraying a face of deep concern. “Ms. Waldorf I take it that this wasn’t planned.”

Blair Waldorf kept her eyes glued to the floor. She used whatever physical strength was in her to put her arms on the armrests and lift her body into a straighter, meer comfortable position. Instead she failed...
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