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Niall Horan Fanfic Chapter 26: home pagina Sweet Home
    I didn’t sleep well at all. I was tossing and turning for hours. I finally fell asleep and woke up screaming a little while later. Niall jolted up.
“Babe what’s wrong?” he asked grabbing my arms.
    I couldn’t talk. I was crying and screaming my whole body was shaking. I had a terrible dream. Niall had left me. He hated me. I grabbed onto his arm with my clammy hands.
“Are u okay? Hazel talk to me.” Niall zei in a desperate tone.
    I still couldn’t talk. I was hyperventilating. Niall slowly rubbed my back and tried to calm me down. Whenever I thought I would be fine, I pictured him walking out the door and never coming back, which caused me to panic again.
“Hazel, please calm down. Everything is okay. What’s wrong?” Niall kept asking me.
“Niall.” I breathed.
    I started to cry and Niall pulled me into a hug.
“What were u thinking about?” Niall asked me, still holding me close.
“You left me.” I zei shortly.
“Hazel, I will never leave you.” He said.
    I looked at him. His eyes were full of tears. He looked sad and scared at the same time.
“Do u hear me Hazel? I will never, ever leave you.” He said.
“I know, I just, I don’t know.” I said.
“Shh…I love you, now get some rest.” He zei kissing me.
    We laid back down. Niall laid on his stomach and placed his arm over me. We laid close together. I buried my face into him. I grabbed onto his arm and held him close. I fell asleep.
    When I woke up Niall wasn’t there. I started to panic, but then I remembered he zei he would never leave me, and he never lied to me. My hart-, hart rate slowed down after that.
    I got up and walked into the bathroom. There was a not taped on the mirror.
Went to lobby to check out. I’ll be up in a few.
Niall xx
    I washed my face and brushed my teeth and got dressed. Niall still wasn’t back. I went and sat on the bed. A few minuten later I heard the door open.
“Ready to go?” he asked me.
“Yeah.” I said.
    I hopped up off the bed and went to meet Niall at the door.
“I brought our stuff out already, so we just need to go to the front bureau and give the keys back.” He said.
“Okay.” I replied.
“Are u okay?” he asked me.
“Yeah, I’m just tired.” I said.
    He put his arm around my waist. He was too good to me.
“Niall?” I zei once we got in the car to take us to the airport.
“Yeah?” he answered.
“I’m sorry.” I said.
“For what?” he asked looking confused.
“Yesterday.” I said.
“That’s all done with babe. Okay? It’s over.” He said.
“But Niall.” I said.
“No, no buts, it’s over. Let’s forget it.” He zei cutting me off.
“I can’t forget it! Niall I told u I hated u and it’s eating me alive! I know it hurt you, and I never want to hurt you.” I said.
“Hazel, stop stressing over it. I’m okay.” He said.
“Will u please just get mad at me?” I said.
“Why do u want me mad at you?” he asked looking hurt.
“Because I know it hurt u and I just want to make it better, but I can’t make it better if u don’t let me.” I said.
“I’m not mad though. It hurt me, yeah, it did, a lot meer than u can imagine. I was hurt and confused, but I wasn’t mad. I can’t get mad at you.” He said.
“Niall I’m so sorry.” I said.
“It’s okay.” He zei smiling at me.
    I scooted up volgende to him and rested my head on his shoulder.
“I really am sorry.” I whispered.
“I know u are.” He said.
    We pulled into the airport, and after a while boarded the plane. I still hate planes. Niall held my hand the whole time and sang to me whenever there were turbulents.
    Hours later we landed in Ireland. It was so beautiful here. I’ve only been a few times to visit my relatives, but this was the first time I went with Niall. His mom was waiting at the airport and he ran over to her and gave her a big hug. I walked slowly behind, so I didn’t ruin the moment.
    I’ve met Niall’s parents and family before, and they were always so sweet to me. After Niall released his mom, she gave me a tight hug.
“I’m so glad to see u again.” She said.
“I’m glad to see u too.” I zei happily.
    I don’t think she knew how much it meant to me that she wanted to see me. She always made me feel so welcome.
    We got in the car and drove to Niall’s house. When we got in his mom showed me to the guest room and told me avondeten, diner would be ready soon.
“Do u want me to help u cook?” I asked her.
“That would be great.” She replied with a smile.
    We walked into the keuken-, keuken and she had me cut up some vegetables while she prepared the chicken. We were having some sort of stir fry. Niall was up in his room unpacking his and my stuff.
“So Niall told me a lot about you. I feel like we haven’t seen each other in forever.” She said.
“I know, it’s been too long.” I said.
“Niall really loves you.” She zei smiling at me lovingly.
“I hope so.” I said.
“He really does, whenever I talk to him, he always tells me how much he loves u and wants to be with you, and how lucky he is to have you.” She said.
    Before I could respond I heard Niall talking.
“Way to embarrass me mum.” He zei walking in the room looking like a tomato.
“Well the girl needs to know.” She laughed.
    I ran over to Niall and gave him a big hug.
“I love u too.” I said.
“See Niall I’m helping u with your romance. He was never really good with girls Hazel. One time he asked me out. What a charmer.” She zei laughing.
“Really Niall cheating on me with your mom?” I laughed.
“Alright that’s enough u two have had your fun.” He zei embarrassed.
“He was never good at hiding his blushing either.” His mom zei with a smile.
    I laughed out loud at that one. It was so true. The three of us sat at the tafel, tabel and were talking about pretty much anything.
“Hazel what is that on your finger?” she asked me looking at Niall.
“A promise ring.” Niall answered for me.
“I was going to say u proposed to your girlfriend without telling me.” She said.
    Niall stared choking on his food, and I went over and smacked him on the back. He stopped choking.
“OUCH!” he hollered.
“You were choking. I was only trying to help.” I zei giggling.
    Niall’s mom was in hysterics.
“Haha aren’t u funny.” He zei getting up and slowly walking toward me.
    He grabbed the pressure point in my neck.
“Apologize.” He said.
“Never!” I squealed.
“Apologize of I’m going to tickle you.” He threatened.
“No. I hate being tickled.” I said.
“Then say ‘Dearest Niall I am ever so sorry for smacking u as u choked.’” He said.
“Wha-“I zei before he started to tickle me.
    I fell off my chair and was screaming with laughter. I was squirming around and all I could think was, “His mom thinks I’m a spazz.” As I rolled around on the floor I saw his mom smiling and laughing.
“Please stop!” I squealed.
“Say it.” He laughed.
“Dear…dear…dearest…” I laughed.
“Yes?” he said.
“Dearest Niall, sorry for smacking you.” I said.
“That was so not what I told u to say.” He laughed.
“I forgot the rest.” I zei smiling.
    He pulled me up from the ground and we continued eating.
“You are too cute.” Maura zei to us.
    Niall looked at me and smiled. After avondeten, diner Niall and I cleaned up while his mom went upstairs. He kept splashing water at me while we washed the dishes.
“Niall…Niall…Niall…NIALL STOP IT MY GOD!” I screamed as he dumped a bowl of water on my head.
    He was doubled over with laughter.
“You are going to pay for that!” I screamed.
    He couldn’t even talk he was laughing so hard.
    Later on we were going to watch a movie and he came and sat volgende to me on the couch. He put his arm around me and I scooted away. My payback for him soaking me was I would not be affectionate with him.
“No touchy.” I said.
“Why not?” he asked giving me puppy eyes.
“You soaked me.” I said.
“I’m sowwy.” He whined at me.
    I giggled.
“Kiss me darling.” He zei in a crazy weird voice.
“Nope.” I zei pushing his head away.
“Why? I apologized and everything.” He said.
“Shh…I’m watching a movie.” I said.
    By the end of the movie I fell asleep in Niall’s lap. He carried me up to my room, and laid me on my bed.
“Night princess.” He zei kissing my head and walking out.
    Before he could leave I called him back.
“Niall wait.” I said.
“Yeah?” he zei turning to face me from the door.
“Come here.” I zei motioning him toward me.
    He came over and knelt down volgende to the bed. I placed my hand on the back of his neck and kissing him on the lips.
“I love you.” I said.
“I love u too.” He zei smiling.
    He walked out and I fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later because I was thirsty. I got up and was on my way to the keuken-, keuken when I heard talking.
“Do u think we’re moving too fast?” Niall asked his mom concerned.
“You love her right?” his mom answered.
“Yeah, of course. With all my hart-, hart and soul.” He said.
“Well, then no. If u and her are both ready, I don’t see why u shouldn’t.” She said.
    Shouldn’t what? I missed the first part of the conversation didn’t I? I was too tired to figure it out, and I forgot that I wanted water, so I walked back to my room and fell asleep.
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