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I heard a scream from outside the door, thinking that something had to be wrong. It was Percy’s scream, and Percy rarely ever screamed unless he was in serious trouble. I grabbed Percy’s sword off the nightstand and went toward the door, forgetting everything else. I only cared about saving him. I threw my phone in my pocket and grabbed his before uncapping Riptide and running out to the hall before I could stop myself.
Percy was pinned to the floor door Luke’s foot and his minions noticed me. They were the same Vrykolakas minions I’d seen a jaar and four months geleden when I was captured...
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Pain swelled up in my head, but only one thought overwhelmed me: Annabeth was gone. She’d been kidnapped and I was still unconscious for I don’t know how long, but I knew that I had to save my bride. Guilt immediately flooded me; I should have protected her. I had returned Zeus’ lightning bolt with monsters always following close behind, and I couldn’t defend my wife? That’s unacceptable. One thing I knew for sure; unless she was mad, Annabeth was nothing like a monster.
I squinted against the light invading my darkness and finally opened my eyes. I saw Thalia, Mom, and Chiron looming...
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When people tell u monsters don't exist, they are lying. I know this firsthand. Because I've met monsters. Terrible, hideous monsters. Like my nanny.
It sounds like I'm just being overly dramatic, but she really does have wings, fangs, and a terrible smile, like she is about to devour me. Which she probably is going to do. Right. About. Now.
I scream and throw my cell phone at her. She is unaffected. I will the water, for some reason, to shoot at her. And it does. I think to myself, wow, and how I should probably get to the nearest hospital. I am feverish and delirious, I tell myself. I...
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"Alexis The True You"

"I am a Demigod!"

'How can u see into my eyes like open doors Leading u down into my core Where I've become so numb without a soul My spirit sleeping somewhere cold Until u find it there and lead it back home'

-Chapter 3-

-Part 1-

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping. When i look outside of my window the sun is shining like a blazing ball of fire. I still remembered the boy who helped me get out with the jocks but i shook my head so that i can forget him. I went down to check what my mom is doing as usual my mom is making breakfast for me and my Stepfather...
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