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‎[CONFIRMED] Some MAMA awards were not aired. The awarding took place after the ceremony. Individual and duo artist awards were announced after.

Byuntae of the jaar - Kim Taeyeon
Troll of the jaar - Jessica Jung
Melons of the jaar - Lee Soonkyu
Butt of the jaar - Tiffany Hwang
Choding of the jaar - Kim Hyoyeon
Engrish of the jaar - Kwon Yuri
Shikshin of the jaar - Choi Sooyoung
Alligator laugh of the jaar - Im Yoona
Advisor of the jaar - Seo Juhyun

Couple of the jaar - TaeNy
BTS Couple of the jaar - TaengSic
Fail BTS Couple of the jaar - YulTi
Troll Couple of the jaar - YulSic
Short Couple of the jaar - SunYeon
Fanfic Couple of the jaar - JeTi
Chaos Couple of the jaar - YoonYul
Seobangs of the jaar - TaeRiYoon
Wives of the jaar - JeTiHyun
Dancer Couple of the jaar - HyoRi
Fangirl magnets of the jaar - HyoYoung
Winks of the jaar - SooFany

Gay Moment Magnets of the jaar - GIRLS' GENERATION
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Source: Namoo Actors
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1. Seo JooHyun is her real name

2. Her birthday is June 28 1991

3. Her blood type is A

4. She is the Maknae (youngest) in the group

5. She and Yoona are childhood friends

6. She loves eating Goguma (Sweet potatoes)

7. She hates hamburgers

8. Tiffany is her former roomate

9. Hyoyeon is her current roommate

10. If u notice, She sometimes sings first in some of SNSD’s songs like Kissing You. Honey. Gee. Oh and Way to Go

11. She is a lead vocalist in the group

12. She once brainwashed Taeyeon into watching Keroro.

13. She loves watching Keroro and Nodame Cantabile

14. She is the seconde tallest in the group...
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