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Probable K-pop Male Idols u want Seohyun to end up with and why

Uhm, how should I say this? Actually, I only have 3 persons in my mind. But since u asked for 6 of 9, I added 3 more..but if she were to marry a K-pop male idol, I think she’ll probably end up with my top, boven 1 to 3..or 4:))

Let’s start from 6 to 1 :) (I tried to not be biased, though XD)

6. Super Junior’s Leeteuk

The way I see it, Leeteuk is a very caring person. If Yoona was telling the truth when she zei that Leeteuk sometimes call and ask what Seohyun is doing, then I think he really cares for her. The only problem I see...
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