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 The Winx logo found during the Season 1 theme video.
The Winx logo found during the Season 1 theme video.
AN: Yes, I'm back! XD
Well, as I promised, here are the lyrics to the Rai English version theme song of Winx Club! :)


Season 1:


If u can desire,
You can become one of our bunch!


Winx, if your hand is warm in mine,
It will give us greater power,
With a feeling we'll be sure fire-winners!
Winx, with a smile u can enchant,
And u lighten up our world,
With a feeling we can take flight watch us!

If u desire u can become,
One of our bunch!

Verse 2

With a magic straal, ray the sky is all blazing,
An adventure is certain to start in those stars,
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I've heard a lot of ages of how old the Winx are and here's my opinion . . .

Season 1


Bloom - I think she's like 15 in season one because she's a freshman.

Stella - I know the Stellais older than the other girls because she failled her first jaar at Alfea so I would say she's 16

Tecna - I'm pretty sure that she's 15 like Bloom.

Musa - I think Musa's about 15.

Flora - Flora's is about 15 too because she's a freshman at Alfea.



Sky - Is about 16 because he was there last jaar *As zei door Stella*

Brandon - Is also 16 because...
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hallo everybody! Sheesh it's been awhile since I've written something for this spot. But now that I have a lot meer free time, it's time to get down to business. A couple months back, I geplaatst two enquêtes asking what u might be most interested in reading from me in the future, and the result was: countdowns, and the topic most voted for was transformations. So today I will be counting down my favoriete transformations from the show. I will judge each form that has been included in an aired season door not only how aesthetically pleasing it is, but as well as how useful it was to our favoriete fairies,...
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 The Young Dark Bloom
The Young Dark Bloom
"Bloom, Bloom, Bloom!", zei Lockette as she shivered nervously. "Wa Ha Ha Ha Ha!", chuckled Bloom as she transformed into Dark Bloom. Then Lockette tries to find the others.
"Yes, power will be mine", zei Dark Bloom in a evil chuckle. The others came into Bloom's Dorm as Lockette told them what has happen. "Welcome, friends.", zei Dark Bloom as a evil grin appeared on her face. "Bloom, are u ok?", as Flora who was getting worried of Bloom's fairy transformation.
Then Dark Bloom blasted one of a wolk sphere and broke the windows and flow away. "Come On, Girls. Bloom is Dark Bloom. CHARMIX!",...
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