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From Soulidium Vampire...
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Why are dreams so damn Crazy?I would never push Marîe off a building.I'll start from the beginning.My dream started at a monument-The Washington Monument I think.Well,anyway I was in a large glass tube getting closer and closer to the top, boven of the monument.Suddenly,an explosion went off at lest a centimeter away from me.
I took the new made hole as an escape.When I was out,I had to climb with stability and precise steps.Of course,I wasn't one wiith foot stability.Sometimes I would fall a few inches,but I always renewed my strength and climbed farther down.When I got to the bottom,nobody was...
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Chapter 1: Something strange
“Did u hear?”
“I can’t believe it!”
“I’m scared!”
That’s what everyone’s been hearing and saying for about the past month.
I’m madeliefje, daisy BTW, just your average 7th grade girl living in a not so average town.
I’m guessing u wanna know what happened, well just read on!
It was a dark and stormy night, midnight….
Hahaha just kidding, here’s the real story.
It was a warm, but dark summer night. So Ms. Katie Banks decided to take a walk.
She should have thought it over.
In her backyard are some woods, and that’s where this...
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