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    Favorite Movie: To much to lijst but I do love Alpha and Omega
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also anyone heard of Stardust app? theres only 1 reaction review for A&O1 except it was a kid who just sigh and didn’t say nothing as his reaction geplaatst één dag geleden 1
Movies2VideoGamesReviews should review the video game where he reviews the actual movie first then he reviews the game volgende where he also compares the films muziek to the games muziek in his reviews geplaatst één dag geleden 1
Chidori1334 commentaar gegeven…
but he did made a “DS games I will never review” but A&O the DS game is not in any of the lijst from that video één dag geleden 1
Chidori1334 commentaar gegeven…
so thats a “maybe” that hes gonna review it één dag geleden 1
Kishin_Kira commentaar gegeven…
Didn't u already post this? Lol ·6 uren geleden
Chidori1334 commentaar gegeven…
no this is new ·4 uren geleden
someone should contact Nostalgia Critic to request him for reviewing A&O1, I still am waiting for him to review it, unless that probably would go to Tamera on “Tamera’s never seen” geplaatst ·11 dagen geleden
Chidori1334 commentaar gegeven…
of NC would probably do another “I will never review” (highly doubt he’ll make that top, boven 11 for part 2) ·11 dagen geleden
SentinelPrime89 commentaar gegeven…
I doubt he'll ever review A&O. ·10 dagen geleden
Chidori1334 commentaar gegeven…
volgende thing he’ll review meer good films we like ·9 dagen geleden