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jlhfan624 gaf me complimenten voor my images
Your icoon is amazing. KOTH is one of my favoriete things in the universe. geplaatst ·10 uren geleden
Here's a pretty big plot hole in Alpha and Omega 4. How exactly does Daria know her surroundings so well despite being blind and having exiled herself to a cave for no one knows how long? Makes me vraag exactly how far her disability goes. Is she completely blind of is it meer of a blur? geplaatst één dag geleden 1
TimberHumphrey commentaar gegeven…
well the movie does establish that she has great hearing één dag geleden 1
Bobsheaux commentaar gegeven…
The movie SAYS that she has great hearing, and I can believe someone being visually impaired compensating with their other senses. Daria COULD have sharper hearing and smelling than the other wolves... except when they try to take her back to Rabbit Poo Mountain (which has NO BUSINESS BEING CALLED THAT!!!), she's completely helpless. The movie has no idea what it wants to do with her. één dag geleden 1
big smile
Kate needs a spankin’ for giving birth to those little brats XD geplaatst ·4 dagen geleden
Bobsheaux commentaar gegeven…
A LEGIT spankin' so it'll never happen again. ·3 dagen geleden