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HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY GRACE! u have now survived another half jaar without being eaten door monsters of incinerated door an angry god of anything else that really doesn’t beer mentioning. To celebrate that, and because I happened to be rereading PJO for the seventh time, I have compiled a lijst of every quote that relates to our favoriete couple: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, of PERCABETH. Well, almost every quote. My sister managed to unmark almost every quote in Lightning Thief, but that was the book with the least amount anyways so don’t worry, every other book is meer thorough. Here goes!...
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I shrieked and leveled my spear. The drakon turned to me and hissed, as if to say, "Mmm, a tasty snack."
I cleared my throat and shouted, "Evans, u got a plan?"
He had on his thinking face. I could tell he was coming up with something. I stared at him, realizing that after all this time, trying to get him to warm up to Camp-Half Blood, getting him used to the stuff around here, I was actually starting to, u know, like this guy. I mean, he was pretty good looking I guess, with his naturally messy brown-black hair, and his sad, soft, sky-blue eyes, but his personality was... the drakon roared...
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 Percy total 'Unsure' Face
Percy total 'Unsure' Face
Annabeth had lay in the hospital bed wearily holding her and Percy's new born baby. She smiled as she looked at the small child in her arms gently.
Percy paced nervously in the waiting room his stomach felt like it was tied in knots he felt dizzy but he felt the urge to pace, his vrienden and family were there waiting for the news his hands were shaking and Nico spoke up, "Percy...chill dude your over reacting..your gonna make yourself sick" Percy took a deep breath letting it out slowly as he replied, "sorry...i'm just nervous...its a new experience for me..." he cut himself off as the doctor...
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 this is a hint for you, the volgende chapter of not? who knows?
this is a hint for you, the next chapter or not? who knows?
previsoly on percy jackson truth of dare fan fiction

"annabeth truth of dare?" annabeth though for a moment and zei "dare?" like it was a qustion. nico grinned evily and zei "......

" i dare u to kiss a skelotin solder!" annabeth looked horrorfied and zei "NO!" and nico zei " do it of run around camp." annabeth got up and started to take off her close but made sure everyone looked away.

when she came back she zei " travis truth of dare?" travis grinned and zei "dare" annabeth thought for a moment and zei "
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