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Falling Again- Harry/Hermione, Bella/Edward

rhr: /catch me/

HBP - u need us, Harry

Harry/Hermione - u and I

Harry and Ginny Crush

Harry/Ginny Because u live

Harry/Ginny When your gone

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince - Would u Mind Introducing Me To Your Friend Granger?

Harry Potter with ADHD - with guest ster nigahiga! (ES #4b)

Harry Potter SUCKS! ..and eJustine mocks iJustine

Harry Potter vs. Voldemort Rap : Original Short

Draco and Hermione [It's All About Us]

Tom Felton- Right Where u Want Me

Take me Away Hermione/Draco

Draco/Hermione - Every u and Every me

Draco/Hermione - Lovestoned

Heaven On Earth (Draco/Hermione)

Love is Wicked- Hermione and Draco

Hermione & Draco - Too Lost In u

Hermione & Draco - Falling For u

Hermione & Draco - All Because of u

Draco/Hermione - I hate everything about u

Harry/Hermione - At the beginning

Draco + Hermione - Sweet Sacrifice

Hermione is SO over Draco!

Ron/Hermione - At the beginning

Harry Potter 21 Guns

Harry Potter Tribute

Harry Potter - Wake Me Up When September Ends

Order of the phoenix- Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

You're Not Alone; Harry Potter

Severus Snape [I Walk Alone]

Dramione- How can we be lovers?

Draco & Hermione- I'd Lie

Don't Taint This Ground - Draco/Hermione

I Had To Stop Myself (Draco/Hermione)

Before the Storm- [Harry and Hermione]


**What do u see in me?** Draco/Neville


Draco Malfoy Bad Horse Reprise

Draco Malfoy//I Lay Dying...//

think twice {harry/hermione/draco}

Tribute to L&D Malfoy

Harry & Hermione - My Skin (HBP)

"I can do something truly disgusting with my tongue..." // Daniel Radcliffe

Ron and Hermione || Who am I to say

Crawl: Draco/Ginny

Harry Potter (3,4,5,6) - Use Somebody

Daniel Radcliffe - Scandalous

Harry Potter - Duel of the Fates

Harry Potter: The Great Battle Begins

Dark Times Lie Ahead (Harry Potter muziek Video)

Love & War (Harry Potter muziek Video)

The Dark Mark (Harry Potter muziek Video) - The Battle

Draco Malfoy - Everyone's A Hero

Draco Malfoy Bring Me To Life

Draco Malfoy:Tourniquet

Draco Malfoy's Sing-Along Blog - My Eyes

~~~|| Harry&Hermione - Love Story || What is Hermione has stayed with Harry...? || voorbeeld || ~~~

Harry/Hermione - Think of me

Harry Potter- u Found me

Draco - Dangerous to Know

Draco and Hermione Hiding Away

Ron Hermione

Hermione Granger- I Always Get What I Want

Harry Potter- American Idol

Hermione Granger - Dream

Hermione Granger-Old Blue Jeans

Hermione Granger - Tied together with a smile

Hermione Granger - Boom Boom Pow

Draco's just too sexy for his overhemd, shirt

fantasies come true ron/harry slash video

So Contagiously (Harry/Ron)

"You think u know me well" - Harry/Ron SLASH

Harry x Draco tribute *beta*

With u harry/draco slash

Hot n' Cold harry/draco slash

Beutiful Liar harry/draco/ron slash

Tale as Old as Time (Harry/Snape)

Which Hogwarts Boy Is Gay? (Harry Potter SLASH)

Hermione / Ron / Harry / Draco - Snow White Queen

Daniel Radcliffe | 20th Birthday Special

Lately [ron.hermione]

Dan Radcliffe [Jerk it out]

[WARNING] It's like Magic in a Video ; 'Lord' Daniel Radcliffe

Ron/Hermione-"I wasn't worth your time" *Preview* (

Should Have Never Thought Of u (Draco/Hermione)

DEATHEATERS; count bodies like sheep.

Fields of goud - Tribute to the Fallen

Harry/Draco-When your gone

Vunerable (Harry/Draco)

Harry / Draco - Bad boy SLASH!!!

I Think I'm In Love (With You) harry/draco slash

I'm Not That Girl: Harry/Hermione

Tom X Hermione - Good Times Gonna Come

Harry Potter ~ Circus

Harry/Luna/Hermione (Voldemort) - Bring Me To Life