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Harry/Hermione/Cho/Ginny - Everytime

Fly On The Wall- Hermione and Harry

Circus- Harry/Hermione/Cedric

Harry Potter "Hello" (H/Hr)

Harry Potter "Haunted" (H&Hr)

When You're Gone - HP/GW, HG/RW

Gravity Of Love -Harry & Hermione

Innocence - Harry/ Ron/ Hermione

good times gonna come // ron&hermione

Your Guardian Angel -- [Angsty] Harry/Hermione

Only u I Crave (Ron/Hermione/Lavender)

Harry/Draco Because Of u

Phantom of the opera (Harry/Draco)

Wake Me Up Inside-Harry/Draco

Beauty and the Beast, Harry/Draco

Girlfriend- SLASH! H/D

Harry Potter--Face Down

Who am I to say Preview/Test

Work Your Magic, Harry/Draco

Over u [Cho/Harry/Ginny; Harry Potter]

Each Coming Night [Jack/Ginny]

Boy With A Coin [Harry/Ginny/Draco]

Its Only Life - Harry Potter

Our Town - Harry Potter Trio

Harry & Sirius - February Song [Harry Potter]

In Noctem - Professor Dumbledore [Harry Potter]

Outside - Death Eaters [Half-Blood Prince]

Harry Potter: Let me inside... - Severus Snape/everybody SLASH & CRACK

She Could Be u (Snape/Lily/Harry)

Dumbledore's Army-Revolution

Here Comes the Sun- Harry Potter

With a Little Help from my Friends-Harry Potter Style

Harry Potter In My Life.

I've Just Seen A Face (Harry/Cho)

cho/ron/hermione - Redemption

Harry/Hermione/Ron ~ Can't Have u

Harry Potter - Ill Be

Harry/Sirius- Little white Lies

John Tucker Must Die - HP Style

Halo- [Harry&Hermione]

Hermione/Harry - Werewolf (PREVIEW) [UPDATE]

draco/hermione, "stuttering".

[Hermione] Lala

Reid/Hermione/Harry - Diary of Jane

Wanting {Hermione and Cedric}

Long Shot // Harry Potter

Harry and Hermione - Cry

Harry/Hermione/Ron * Good Times Gonna Come *

Beautiful nightmare-Dramione

Tears of an Angel - Hermione and Edward

Harry/Hermione/Edward - "Fearing you...wanting me"

Shine - Harry/Hermione

Silly Boy - Ron/Hermione

Save Me Now (Hero) - HBP Tribute

Love Will Conquer All - Darken Rahl/Hermione/Richard [Harry Potter; Legend of the Seeker]

Ecstasy - Half Blood Prince [Harry Potter]

24 - Half Blood Prince [Harry Potter]

Harry Potter [HBP] - Finest uur

Harry Potter The Only One.

Emma Watson - Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Harry Potter // Half Blood Prince Tribute

\\Ghost Love Score | Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Tribute//

Breathing Space -my new production sign (Ron/Hermione)

God Love Her (Harry/Hermione)

Harry/Hermione - I still love u

A little insane - Snape/Hermione


Whispers in the Dark (Draco and Hermione)

Draco/Hermione- Things I'll Never Say [Remake]

Together - Draco/Hermione/Harry

[[Draco/Hermione]] - Rebirthing

Harry/Draco brand

"Unusual you" Tom/Hermione [FULL]

Hermione/Ron Unusual u

Lost Without u - Hermione/Ron

Hermione/Ron/Lavender - My only

Ready? // Holly/Harry/Hermione

H;Hr // I αm cut

u set my soul alight - H/Hr

I gave u my hart-, hart - Harry/Luna/Hermione

Try to reveal what I could feel (HP)

u and me cause that's what it's for (HP)

Don't stop it, let it flow - Emma Watson

Half-Blood Prince | Dark Times Have Come

Draco's struggle | Half-Blood Prince

Narcissa Malfoy - The Unbreakable Vow

Why Am I So Afraid? Draco Malfoy

[DRACO&EFFY] ; protect me from what i want

Fall To Pieces - Hermione/Draco/Ginny

Breathing Space (HBP Dramione)

...But I Won't Give u Up [Harry/Hermione/Ron]

"I had to stop myself"- Hermione & Harry

Ron & Hermione II Lost and insecure ♥

Harry/Hermione/Ron-...I was made just for you, made to adore you...

So Contagious {Harry/Hermione}

"Weak mind" (Harry/Hermione)

Breathing space.

hallo there delilah (draco/hermione)

Draco and Hermione- Love Song Requiem

Draco/Hermione-I Hate That I Love u