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"I killed Sirius Black!" Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Exclusive Clip!

[NEW HD!!] - Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince - CLIP "Property Of The Half Blood Prince"

[Official WB distribution] Harry Potter Years 1-5

BRAND NEW Half-Blood Prince clip - The Trio in the Common Room

BRAND NEW Half-Blood Prince clip - The Burrow

Until the dag I Die [HBP]


Man In The Mirror: Harry Potter

Ron's A Heartbreaker

Harry & Hermione Beauty & the Beast

Harry Potter - Come Down to Me - Hermione

vrienden harry potter style -H.O.G.W.A.R.T.S

Harry Potter cast talks about HBP

Harry Potter: Too young-HarryxSnape SLASH

Harry Potter This is How We Do

harry+ginny shes so lovely!

Draco/Hermione: Decide

Emma Watson - Shake That

Harry/Draco: Blind

The Kill - Harry Potter

Harry Potter--Attack

Beautiful Lie

Deathly Hallows - Slipped Away - Severus Snape / Lily

Just so u know - Harry potter fanfic trailer

Harry & Hermione- Stolen my heart.

Harry loves Hermione - "The Way"

We Could Be In Love (Harry & Hermione)

Breaking Free

Start of Something New (Harry & Hermione)

Harry & Hermione - Everyday

What Time Is It?

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince - Extended Clip Tom Riddle/Voldemort [HQ]

Harry Potter-All For One

Harry Potter - Wish u Where Here.

Harry Potter - Work This Out

Harry Potter-Anytime u Need a Friend

Not Gonna Get Us (Harry Potter Series Tribute)

Harry Potter

Harry Potter (Start of Something New)

I'm Still Here (Harry Tribute)

Harry Potter - Hermione - Here I Am

Harry Potter -- Where Will u Go?

Harry Potter

Gryffindor Quidditch Pride

Harry Potter and Tom Riddle

Sirius Black [Harry Potter]

Voldemort And His Death Eaters [FIRST PART]

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: The Cave

Harry Potter- In the End It Doesn't Even Matter

Harry Potter (Ron, Harry, Hermione) - Keep Holding On

Ron hermione breathing space

Ron and Hermione - Everytime we touch

Hermiones Story

Harry Ron and Hermione Citizen/Soldiers

dramione | seven things

Hermione is Exceptional

Harry Potter--Everlong

Youre Not Sorry (Hermione Harry)

Alan Rickman interview 2

Alan Rickman interview 1

Fiona Shaw (Interview 12 Harry Potter)

Emma Watson about Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix

Harry Potter Cast about Bellatrix Lestrange

Helena Bonham Carter about Grimmauldplace 12

Helena Bonham Carter Interview + commentaar David Yates

Wands - Helena Bonham Carter HP Interview

Order of the Phoenix On Set Interviews Helena Bonham Carter

EXCLUSIVE!!! Half-Blood Prince Sneak Peek MEET PROFESSOR

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 50 minuten Interview Part 2

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (50 minuten Interview)(French)

NEW!! - Behind the scenes at Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince (26/06/2009)

Daniel Radcliffe interview with Rove McManus

01/31/2009-Dan Immortalized

Daniel radcliffe's 2009 Vogue interview!

Harry Potter trio - Can't Stop the RoCk

Heavy Metal - Harry Potter

Breathe In Breathe Out - Harry/Hermione

10mins Behind the scenes french exclusive of Half-Blood Prince with English subtitles

HBP - Mentir



Can't Deny{Hermione and Ron}

Harry and Hermione-I'm a believer

Harry , Ron & Hermione all the things they face

draco hermione; BREATHING SPACE

Ron/Hermione/Lavender - All About Us

Hermione Ron - wonderwall

Hermione I Am Hilary Duff

First 5 minuten of HP6!!! in german...

Ron/Hermione/Lavander || Kiss the rain

James Hurn as Professor Snape in "Harry Potter" spoof

Potter Dance

Harry Potter - Time of Dying

Harry Potter - Riot door Three Days Grace

Harry Potter: home pagina

Just like You- Harry Potter, and Lord Voldemort

Harry Potter-- Animal I Have Become

Gone Forever - Three Days Grace

Get Out Alive - Three Days Grace Harry Potter

Driving Lessons staring Rupert Grint