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Harmony! (Silly Snarry Slash)

Dimentor Dimentia...

Harry/Ginny - Listen To Your hart-, hart

Hold Me - Ron/Hermione

Tom Riddle & Harry Potter Memories

Albus Dumbledore Tribute (HBP)

HP and the half blod prince: Hometown Glory

This Time [HBP]

"It's beautiful isn't it....the moon?"

Draco/Hermione - Ugly

Harry Potter Walking on Sunshine!

Harry Potter - A girl worth fighting for

Rupert/Emma - That's Why u Are My Favourite

HP Trio: "You found Me"

Ron&Hermione "The Lightning Strike"

HBP Clip from MTV Movie Awards 2009

Draco/Hermione - Right Round

R/H "Lower your eyelids to die with the sun"

Bill and Hermione(True Blood/HP)-Protect me

u belong with me [ron/hermione/lavender]

Harry and Ginny- "Adored"

We didn't start the brand - Harry Potter style

Death Eaters tribute- Whisper

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Game trailer

Ron&Hermione "I can't take my eyes off you"

harry potter - better quality voorbeeld

Trailer Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince


Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince - Behind The Scenes Special

The trio "With a little help from my friends"

Ron&Hermione in HBP

Let Go [Harry Potter]

DRACO/HERMIONE; breathless

Order of the Phoenix TV Intro

Goblet of brand TV Intro

Prisoner of Azkaban TV Intro

Chamber of Secrets TV Intro

Sorcerer's Stone TV Intro

Emma Watson || You're just too good

Ron/Hermione/Krum-The way I loved u

Harry-This isn't Happening

Battle has Begun

Son of the Damned - Caleb Riddle/Hermione Granger

HARRY POTTER [and the half-blood prince]

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Clip - I'm In Love With Her (Extended)

Harry Potter & Gossip Girl- Prelude 12/21

Draco Malfoy - Shattered

Four NEW TV Spots - 4

Four NEW Harry Potter TV Spots - 3

Four NEW Half Blood Prince Tv Spots - 2

Four NEW Harry Potter TV Spots


Emma Watson // Diamonds

Extended HBP Clip


harry 6 tailier

New Half Blood Prince Featurette

Half Blood Prince TV Spot #7

Half Blood Prince TV Spot #6

Half Blood Prince TV Spot #5

Half Blood Prince TV Spot #4

How far we've come

First Half Blood Prince Clip!

Harry/Hermione,Sam/Dean (Season4) - So Cold

Emma Watson || Hardcore Superstar

Half-Blood Prince TV spot no.3

Half-Blood Prince TV spot no.2

Come Back To Me - Hermine/Ron/Harry

Riot Girl - Hermione

Little Voice - Hermione

Who Will I Be - Hermione

Keeping it Together - Hermione

Just Let Me Cry - Hermione

This Is Me - Hermione

Ultimate - Hermione

She - Hermione

Girl Can Rock - Hermione

I Wanna Be Like Other Girls - Hermione

Who zei - Hermione

Good Times Gonna Come - Hermione

Mistaken Identity - Hermione

Unwritten - Hermione

That Girl - Hermione

Make Some Noise - Hermione

I'm a Bomb - Hermione

Get Up - Hermione

Stand in the Rain - Hermione

One Girl Revolution - Hermione

Super Girl - Hermione

Who Wants To Live Forever? (Tribute to Deaths in Harry Potter)

Ron/Hermione - Don`t Walk Away

Harry/Hermione - Whispers In The Dark

HP&TPS - Keep Holding On

Fallen - Ron and Hermione

How Can We Be Lovers? - Ron and Hermione

Rob pours water in Emma's glass! So cute ^^!

Hermione & Chris - Avalon

Harry Potter Bones Opening

Harry Potter - And Breathe Me

Severus Snape/ Lilly - Harry's guardian angel