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Harry Potter "Hero"

Predictable (Ron/Hermione/Harry)

Emma Watson |:| I make it hot

Why Can't u Just Love Her? (D/Hr)

Harry Potter & Bella - Circus [Preview]

Harry/Hermione-Running up that heuvel

Fred/Bella || I'm better near to u

Harry Potter: Time Is Running Out

Ghost Town-Harry Potter

H/Hr - Come Back To Me

Womanizer - Harry Potter

Lily&Severus - Broken

Because of u - Severus&Lily

Will u remember me?

I Want u To Burn - Snape, Lilly and Harry

Potter Doesn't Know (Snape/Lily)

Potty Doesn't Know (Draco/Ginny)

Gemini (Draco/Ginny)

Give Me Anything: Draco/Ginny

This Love: Draco/Ginny

Draco and Ginny / I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving u

Draco/Ginny * A Lot Like Love*

Draco and Ginny; The meer u Talk; The Less I Hear.

Ginny's Secret- Trailer (FULL)

Stand door Your Side | Harry + Ginny

Love story of Harry and Ginny

Harry and Ginny- All time love

Harry and Ginny Only Hope

Harry Potter - Try Again

Rupert Look Emma In Her Eyes

Emma & Rupert Crazy In Love

Ron and Hermione: Deathly Hallows

Come Home-Ron and Hermione

New Harry Potter and the half blood prince picture!

Watching Me (Harry/Ginny)

Harry/Ginny - Shine On

H/G~ Just So u Know

Harry and Ginny_-_-_You[Evanescence]

Harry/Luna "Suddenly I see"

Harry Potter Tribute

Get me through december

A Potter Story - Hurt


Daydream Believer

Harry Potter Halloween

Umbrella (slow version)

HP "Mad World"

Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny "When u say nothing at all"


Harry/Hermione-Doesn't hurt me(Longer Preview)

Harry / Ginny - Love Story

Ron & Hermione ~ Mary's Song (Oh My My My)

Harry and Ginny ~ Mary's Song (Oh My My My)

I'd Lie - A Ron and Hermione Video

Umbrella - Harry/Ginny

Harry Potter- The Half-Blood Prince Behind the Scenes

Harry Potter 5 - Behind the scenes

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ABC Family Sneak Peek: The Story Of Tom Riddle

Harry and Hermione- Doesn't hurt me (preview)

u know you're not the only one...

u found me - Chuck & Hermione w/ Nate.

Robbie Coltrane interview - Parkinson - BBC

Harry Potter "Tears and Rain"

Dumbledore's Army "We are"

Harry Potter "Hero"

Harry and Sirius "In the arms of the angel"

Rupert Grint! Beautiful video!!!


Harry/Hermione/Ron " Your Guardian Angels"

Harry/Ginny - Epic love


Hot n Cold- H/ Hr

I Hate This Part (Hermione/ Harry) Break up

Cut - Hermione

7 things (Ron/Hermione)

Ron and Lavender Kissing!

Ron Hermione Lavender

harry potter style "John Tucker Must die" (ron/ hermione)

Mean Girls Trailer HP Style

Harry Potter - Shake It (Official muziek Video)

I Kissed a Girl - Harry/Cho

Harry Potter - Gimme meer

Tourniquet - Harry Potter

Harry Potter - Going Under

Harry Potter - Haunted

Harry Potter - Bring Me To Life

Harry Potter First Kiss - The Real Story

Daniel Radcliffe's Kiss

Severus & Lily - All That I Need

Dumbledore's End - Half Blood Prince Trailer

Ginny thinking about Harry

Harry Potter- Closing Time

First Kiss: Ginny/Harry/Ron/Hermione

Harrys Death: Harry/Hermione

harry and hermione - because of u

Hermione Toxic

Because Of u - Hermione/Draco

My hart-, hart will go on Dramione hermione/draco

Hermione/Draco - Hot 'n' Cold

Harry Potter "Learn to fly"