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Harry Potter Videos

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Harry & Ginny - Lost door Michael Buble

Harry & Ginny - Momentum door The Hush Sound

Harry & Ginny - Say that u love me

Harry & Ginny - Truly Madly Deeply door Savage Garden

Harry/Ginny/Cho - Teardrops on my gitaar door Taylor snel, swift

Harry & Ginny - Untouched door Veronicas

Harry & Ginny - Lets be us again door Lonestar

Harry & Ginny - Forever Lover door Reba McEntire

Harry & Ginny - Apologize door OneRepublic

Harry/Ginny/Luna - CrushCrushCrush door Paramore

Harry & Ginny - She will be loved door Maroon 5

Harry & Ginny - Somebody else door Bleu

Harry & Ginny - Faraway door Nickelback

Harry & Ginny - Same Mistake door James Blunt

The Death of Sirius Black

"The Best Damn Thing" A Hermione Granger muziek Video

Miss Independent - Hermione Granger

If I Lay Here

Hermione/Ron - Incomplete

Chasing Cars: Hermione and Ron

Narnia Prince Caspian- harry potter

Hermione & Ron - My Immortal (Evanescence)

Everlasting Love - Ron & Hermione

Ron & Hermione - Slipped away

Are u gonna be my girl? - Harry Potter Trailer

Harry Potter - u Dont Know

The boy saw a comet - Hermione & Ron

Emma & Rupert - Bleeding Love

Emma watson antwoorden questions- funny

The same mistake (Ron/Hermione in HBP)


Ron's Letter

You'll Be the Death of Me - HBP

Faint Toxic - Harry/Voldermort

No Air - Harry/Hermione

Prelude - Draco/Hermione

In Love | Ron & Hermione

Harry Potter: Be My Friend

Over || Harry & Hermione

Broken Wings || Harry & Sirius

Harry/Hermione-Bottle it up

In Your World || Harry & Hermione

Thats What u Get! | Hermione · Harry · Cho

I kiss a Girl | Hermione/Harry/Ginny

On my own [Harry & Hermione]

harry potter-victims of love

That's What u Get - Ron/Hermione

"Take Me of Leave Me" -- Fleur/Hermione

What Have u Done - Draco/Hermione/Harry

Everything Changes. [Hermione/Harry]

Decode [Draco/Hermione; Harry Potter]

Ron & Hermione - Money Honey door State of Shock

Ron & Hermione - My Happy Ending door Avril Lavigne

Ron & Hermione - For u I Will door Teddy Geiger

Ron & Hermione - Because of u door Kelly Clarkson

Ron & Hermione - Thing I'll never Say door Avril Lavigne

Ron & Hermione - Eternal Flame door Bangles

Ron & Hermione - Apologize door OneRepublic

Ron & Hermione - Fall For u door Secondhand Serenade

Ron & Hermione - Love Story door Taylor snel, swift

Ron & Hermion *DH* - Here Without u door 3 doors down

Ron & Hermione - Iris door the Goo Goo Dolls

Ron & Hermione - It only hurts when i breathe door Shania Twain

Harry, Ron & Hermione - vrienden Forever door Vitamin C

Ron & Hermione - My Immortal door Evanescence

Ron & Hermione - Kelsey door Metro Station

Ron & Hermione - Accio Love

Ron & Hermione - You'll Never Be Alone door Anastacia

Ron & Hermione - I Choose u *song=Underneath youre clothes door Shakira*

Ron & Hermione - If youre not the one door Daniel Bedingfield

Ron & Hermione - Everything door Lifehouse based off The Silver Doe chapter in DH

Ron & Hermione - Vindicated door Dashboard Confessional

Ron & Hermione - In My hart-, hart

Ron & Hermione - Can u feel the love tonight

Ron & Hermione - Anywhere door Evanescence

Ron & Hermione - Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)

Ron & Hermione - Far Away

HP(Series)-Welcome home pagina

Dumbledore's Army-Ready,Set,Go

Ron/Hermione - Trouble

Ron & Hermione-I Think I'm ready

Harry Potter - Animal I Have Become



Harry Potter - Ron & Hermione

Fred Weasley

Meant to Live - Harry Potter

Deathly Hallows-Silver Doe


Okay I Believe-Harry

I could of lied-Ron&hermione

Ron & Hermione - When I see u smile

Ron & hermione - I Miss u

u and Me - Harry/Ginny

Harry and Ginny

Harry Potter-Breathe Me

HBP pics

HBP interview w/ Rupert Grint

HBP interview w/ Daniel Radcliffe

E! interview w/ Daniel, Rupert, & Tom