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I Can`t Hate u Anymore (Ron/Hermione

Too little too late-Ron & Hermione

Hermione's Happy Ending

She likes me for me-Ron & Hermione

Story of a girl (Ron & Hermione)

I'm gonna make u love me (Ron/Hermione)

Harry Potter I Must Not Chase the Boys

Boys Will Be Boys - Harry Potter Boys

Harry Potter - Boys Are Back In Town

For u I Will (Harry Potter Boys and their Girls)

Harry Potter- Big Girls Don't Cry

Hogwarts Girls Don't Like Boys. They like Brooms and Money!

Hogwarts material girls (Hermione Ginny Fleur)

What I've Been Looking For

Ron&Hermione - what i've been looking for [reprise]

My hart-, hart will go on(ron and hermione).

Ron & Hermione - Happy Ending

how to be dead - draco tribute

Draco Tribute

POISON - Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy

Severus and Lily/ Take me in your arms

Wy is love so Hard? [Snape/Hermione/Harry]

harry/hermione-love isn't

Harry & Hermione "In Another Lifetime"

Harry & Hermione[one in a million]

Harry ♥ Hermione : Fields Of goud

Everything (Harry/Hermione)

harry potter : Fall Out Boy

Harry Potter "Deception"

Harry Potter "I'm Sorry"

Don't Go Away - Harry & Sirius

Tear Drops] Harry Potter Tribute

Don't u Float Away (Ron/Hermione)

Draco tribute

Everywhere - Remus/MWPP

Collide - Ron and Hermione

u and Me - The Marauders

Iris - Snape and Lily

Over the regenboog - Harry, Lily and James

u know my Name - Voldermort versus Harry

Defying Gravity - Harry Potter

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - Marauders

Strangers Like Me - Harry Potter

For Sirius - Can't cry hard enough

4 A.M. Forever - Padfoot and Prongs

Wonderwall - Ron/Hermione

Over my Head - James and the Marauders

One night stand - Draco/Hermione/Ron

One of Us - Pettigrew & the Marauders

Slipped Away - Lily and James Potter

The life of Sirius Black

How to Save a Life - Marauders

Stick to the Status Quo - Harry Potter

High School Never ends - Harry Potter

Werewolves of London - Remus Lupin

"I Kissed a Girl" (Hermione/Ginny AU)

"And u Wait For Me" - Harry Potter

Awake (Rupert//Emma)

The Fallen (Book 7/Deathly Hallows Tribute)

Every Little Thing (R/Hr vid)

Deep and Dyin' Breaths (a Lily/James Potter vid)

Weekend Warriors (the Trio)

Do It Alone (Trio)

Gravity (Ron Weasley)

Harry's Losses - "Hurt"

"Lying is the Most Fun" (Harry Potter teens)

Hermione/Draco - "Addicted"

Harry and Hermione - "Unfaithful"

Ron and Hermione GoF Trailer-("Too Close for Comfort")

Harry and Hermione - "Butterfly"

Harry Potter - "Stand"

Ron and Hermione - "A Lonely September"

Hermione and Ron (& Krum) - ("Pretty Girl (the way)")

Ron and Hermione-GoF ("What Hurts the Most")

Harry Potter-Goblet of brand ("Going Under")

Harry Potter Teens - ("You and Me")

Break Down (Goblet of Fire)

home pagina (Lupin)

Wonderwall (Ron/Hermione)

Accidentally in Love (Ron/Hermione)

Notorious (Snape)

Forever (Harry)

Going Down (Draco/Hermione)

Two Princes (Harry/Hermione/Ron)

The Phoenix Lament (Dumbledore)

My December (Harry)

Rupert&Emma - cutest interview ever!!!!!!!

Emma and Rupert get slimed at the super bowl

Emma and Rupert

Immortal Memories

What Hurts the Most- Harry/Ginny

Something's Just About to Break- D/Hr

The Ghost of u (R/Hr)

Stranger Than Fiction - Harry Potter Style

Better Than Me (R/Hr - H/G)

How to save a life? - Harry/Hermione/Ron

Stranger Inside

Bury Me (Harry/Voldemort) - ("The Kill")

Everything (Harry/Ginny)