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Harry Potter Videos

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Hermione/Emma - Supernova Girl

Hermione/Tom Riddle - Angels

Hermione/Draco - Stuck

Hermione - That's What Girls Do

Hermione - I Got Nerve

Hermione - Rush

Hermione - U + Ur Hand

Hermione - Girl volgende Door

Hermione - Paper Bag

Hermione/Ron - Miss Independent

Hermione/Harry - Someday We'll Know

Hermione - Runaway

Hermione - One Of Those Girls

Hermione - Miss Murder

Hermione - One Girl Revolution

Hermione/Ron - Collide

Hermione/Ron - Gotta Go My Own Way

Hermione - I Am Woman

Hermione - Over It


Hermione - I'm Ready

Hermione/Draco - My Immortal

Hermione - Trouble With Boys

Hermione - Story Of A Girl

Hermione - Everyday Girl

Hermione - Fighter

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince trailer

Harry/Hermione/Ron-Kiss my eyes

Tribute to the DA and Order of the Phoenix

Let Me Sign Harry/Hermione


What's a Girl to do? - Hermione

If I Give My hart-, hart to You... - R/Hr

Ron&Hermione - Bleeding love

Ron and Hermione - Chemicals React

Draco/Hermione - The Kill


Sirius and James - Mr. Brightside

Remus/Tonks - kom bij me in death

Remus and Dora-Amaranth

Lost Together - Maurauders.

Regulus Black ~ Leave Out All The Rest

Marauders - Lay Me To Sleep (Kiss My Eyes)

"My Hero" - Harry/Sirius

Harry Potter-Betrayal

Oops! Hermione did it again! (Fired Up Mix

Oops! Hermione did it again! (Fired Up Mix

[Request]You were mine- Hermione/Harry/Ginny

Thick as Thieves [Harry, Ron & Hermione]

Rupert Grint - Young Folks

Our Town - Harry Potter

A Beautiful Lie - Harry Potter [preview]

Bella and Hermione-Dig

R/Hr - When You're Gone

R/Hr - When u Say Nothing At All

H/G - What I Like About u

R/Hr - Somebody to Love

R/Hr - You're The One That I Want

R/Hr/F - Girlfriend

Harry Potter - It's Raining Men

Hermione Granger - Fabulous

hallo Mickey (HP Style)

Miss Independant [Draco/Hermione]

Like Whoa! [Fred/Hermione]

Fred & Hermione - Collapsed

"Echo" - HP (Harry/Hermione/Ron)

Who's that girl, Ron/Hermione (SPOILERS HBP)

Ginny/Harry - Untouched

Over u (Harry/Cho/Neville)

All we are - Romione

Hermione/ Pauline -- She'll never be me

The Scientist [Hermione/Harry/Pauline]

Hermione - I'm Ready

9 crimes

•♥• Emma Watson, This Way•♥•

Tale of Despereaux | Movie Maniacs BTS (29.12.08)

Dangerous [Harry/Cho]

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Beautiful Dirty Rich

The Life of a Mary Sue

Harry Potter Funnies

Harry Potter - Not enough

Vindicated - Ron & Hermione

Ron Weasley Gone Away


It's Gonna Be Me - Harry/Voldie Crack Vid

To the edge; [Hermione/Alex] Crossover


Cells - Hermione's Secret

Harry/Ginny ; Hands On Me

Harry Potter- Boom De Ya Da!

Harry Potter

Harry/ Snape - Slash

How could I make a man out of you? [Harry Potter]

harry potter-attack

Harry Potter - the Woman

Harry Potter-Half Jack

Harry Potter - What u don´t know

Harry Potter-My Immortal

Tonks&Remus-Listen to your heart...