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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (4th Trailer)

Slipped Away- Sirius's Death

Sirius Black - A Tribute

Harry Potter: Imaginary

Harry Potter: No Giving Up

Harry Potter - Harry/Voldemort: Had Enough

Harry Potter: Meant To Live

Harry Potter: Time Of Dying

Over and Over - H/G

Keep Holding On - Harry/Ginny

Time Of Dying// Harry & Ginny

Time of Dying - Harry/Ginny

My Love - Ron/Hermione

Broken -- Harry + Edward

Hermione/Alex - What if I wanted to Break?

Hermione and Alex - What if I wanted to break?*Preview*

Draco and Hermione - Who Knew

New Trailer: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Ron/Hermione || I'm yours

Harry Potter and the Mid-Life Crisis

I'm There [Harry & Hermione]

Deathly Hallows: Breathing Space

'You will consume me but I can't walk away' - Joker/Hermione

Draco - Already over

Rupert's a vampire.

Harry&Hermione&Draco || Gomenasai

Harry & Hermione - All About Us

Harry & Hermione - Not Gonna Get Us

Harry & Hermione - So Far Away

Ron & Hermione - I Hate Everything About u

Ron and Hermione ~ Since U Been Gone

(AU) My heart, my life will never be the same [Preview]

Emma Watson || Lala Land

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Featurette NEW!

Like a ster [Rupert Grint]

Not Here For u To Use [Ron & Hermione]


Hermione Granger - Stand In The Rain

Hermione & Ron - voorbeeld

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Sneak Peek

Ron/Harry/Hermione - Broken Like An Angel

Your Guardian Angel (Snape/Lily)

Don't u Float Away (Ron/Hermione)

What a Shame (Sirius Black)

Harry Potter Mtv spoilers

Harry Potter Featurette

Silver Doe [Preview]

Ocars 8-second clip

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailer (fanmade)

Ron and Hermione The Last Battle Trailer

♥RonXJenny♥Friendship Vid♥

**Hermione/Harry/Poppy- I make it HOT!**

HAUNTED (Harry/Hermione/Ron/Draco)


'We are one' - Harry Potter

Emma & Paparazzi || Fly on the uithangbord

The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

HBP Sneak Peek from MTV

I Know Better Than That [Hermione/Nate/Serena]

Rupert/Emma || Sweetly for the eternity

Hermione/Dean-Tell me these words are a lie(SPN/HP)

Harry Potter "Pictures of you"

Open Your Eyes [Ron/Hermione & Harry/Ginny]

Harry Hermione Ron [Preview]

Avada Kedavra Song

Dean/Hermione-Tears of an Angel *Preview*

Fellowship of the Ring Trailer HP Style

Return of the King Trailer Harry Potter Style

beginning to get to me (ron/hermione)

Harry Potter/Bella - Circus

Emergency [Harry Potter; Harry/Hermione]

Daniel, Emma and Rupert - Souls [Preview]

Ron/Hermione - The Last Night

Decode [Harry Potter; Draco/Hermione]

Hermione - Poker Face ( Ron/Seamus/Harry)

films in Minutes-Harry Potter

Time Of Dying-Harry Potter


Pretty Girl-Hermione/Draco

Bring Me To Life-Harry/Sirius


All About us-Harry/Hermione


Sweetest Poison-Harry/Snape

Fighter-Hermione Granger

We Are - Harry Potter

Harry/Ginny "You could be happy"

Harry Potter "Keep Holding On"

Love Flows Through u

Rupert Grint - This Is Why I'm Hot

Always [Ron & Hermione]

Harry Potter "Hero"

Predictable (Ron/Hermione/Harry)

Emma Watson |:| I make it hot

Why Can't u Just Love Her? (D/Hr)

Harry Potter & Bella - Circus [Preview]

Harry/Hermione-Running up that heuvel

Fred/Bella || I'm better near to u

Harry Potter: Time Is Running Out

Ghost Town-Harry Potter