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Harry Potter Videos

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Potter Puppet Pals - Ron's Computer

Harry HBP Sneak Peek

New Harry Potter 6 Pics!!!

fan Made HBP Trailer

Rowling Harvard Speech

Best Couples - Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione & Edward/Bella

Potter Puppet Pals- "School is for Losers"

Harry Potter Puppet Pals in "TMTN" speeded up!!!!!!!!!!!

Potter Puppet Pals in "The Vortex"

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Full Movie

Harry vs. Voldemort Goblet of brand

Tom Felton Sings

Harry Potter fan Vid-Book 7 *Spoiler*

harry potter and the mysterious ticking noise

Best vrienden Forever - Daniel, Emma, Rupert

Falling In Love-Harry Potter/Hermione Granger Shipper Video

Accidentally in Love - Harry/Hermione

Supergirl-Harry Potter/Hermione Granger Shipper Video

Harry and Hermione she will be loved

Godbye my lover (Harry and Hermione)

Who's That Girl-Harry Potter/Hermione Granger Shipper Video

Harry Hermione - When will it be me?

harry loves hermione... but

Do u love me?(Harry/Hermione)

Daniel && Emma && Harry && Hermione

Order of the Phoenix scenes

Ace of Cakes: The Hogwarts Cake for the OotP Premier

Cedric/Robert kisses Cho Chang/Katie

Slink chats to Harry Potter Peeps - Ginny & Luna

Prisoner of Azkaban Rap

All Tonks Scenes

Bellatrix escape from Azkaban

Emma: Dan is pretty good looking

A Harry/Ginny Slideshow

HP Sketch for Queen's 80th

Promise of a Lifetime

What is This Feeling?

Jingle klok, bell Rock- Harry Potter


Harry Potter and the OOTP FULL MOVIE!!!!!

Harry Potter In 5 seconden

Order of the Phoenix Deleted Scene

Order of the Phoenix Deleted Scene

Daniel Radcliffe Speed Painting

Harry Potter and American Idol

Half-Blood Prince Trailer (Homemade)

Voldemort Speed Painting

Behind the Scenes on Harry Potter 4- vrienden

"Half-Blood Prince" Sneak Peek

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - deleted scene

Trailing Tonks (around the hp set)

Potter Puppet Pals- Wizard Swears

The Weird Sisters - Can u Dance Like a Hippogriff?

Crank Dat Harry Potter

Deleted OOTP Scene: Trelawney Eating

LA Project using HP: GoF Clips

Harry Potter Rap

Talking About Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Random Harry Potter 8th book spoilers

Episode 19 of 100 - "GI JOE: The Epic Saga"

Harry Potter in the kap

Hogwarts Waits For You...

Harry potter interview about goblet of brand

Interview about OOTP

Harry potter interview about OOTP

Clips from all harry potter films

Clips from Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban

Harry Potter meets Jack Sparrow

Some gay potter

Funny Harry Potter iconen

Funny Harry Potter iconen

Behind the scenes and outakes


Harry Potter and the Brokeback Goblet

Harry Potter & the Chamber Pot of Azerbaijan part 4

Harry Potter and the chamberpot of azerbaijan part 3

Harry Potter and the Dark Lord Waldemart Episode 2

Harry Potter and the Dark Lord Waldemart

hallo Harry Potter (Hey There Delilah Spoof)

Ron + Hermione: Anything u can do, I can do better

Harry Simpson

OOTP Interview with Katie Leung and the Phelps twins


Spinner's End

Harry Potter fans Unite!

Ralph Fiennes Talks Harry Potter

Order of the Phoenix TV Spot #8

Harry Potter book 7 premier

Opening of OotP at midnight!

Hogwarts Dance Team

Is harry gay parody

Slink chats to Harry Potter Peeps - Neville & Cho

Harry Potter and the Magic Wand

Harry Potter - Voldemort Interview/Featurette

Evanna Lynch - Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter 7 spoiled (spoilers are fake)

Rupert Grint on 'Craig Ferguson'

Rupert Grint @ The Sauce / Fuse

Harry Potter and the End of the Series