Liana Monroe 🌺

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  • Favorite Movie: 🎬 Vanilla Sky, Cold Mountain, Amelie, Moulin Rouge, Gone With The Wind, and a lot of others. 📽️
    Favorite Musician: 🎵Mostly muziek from movies. Different songs door different artists. Instrumental music. 🎶
    Favorite Book or Author: 📚The Book Thief door Markus Zusak, Le liseur du 6h27 door Jean-Paul Didierlaurent - I just love that light atmosphere. 📖
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hallo everyone! So I'm having this idea for quite some time now, and I just wanted to ask u opinion first. Would u be interested to kom bij if I make a club about Maximalism?
I'll most likely make that club tomorrow, so it's coming soon (unless I get technical difficulties) ❤️ geplaatst ·11 uren geleden
JosepineJackson commentaar gegeven…
For those who doesn't know, Maximalism is the opposite to Minimalism - lifestyle, interior, style. Maximalism is all about appreciating important and beautiful elements of art and culture, displaying all the things u love, enjoying good artworks, books, music, movies, not being afraid to have what inspires u and feeds your soul. Being brave enough to bring as much colors, brightness, patterns, creativity into your home pagina and life. meer is more. We find joy and inspiration in having interesting and beautiful things around us, without limiting ourselves in any way and enjoying life to the fullest. Loving eclecticism and expressing all the different aspects of our beautiful personalities, interests and passion. 🧡🌸☀️🌼💛🖤 ·11 uren geleden
ktichenor gaf me complimenten voor my comments
Sorry, you're not feeling well, Liana. Get better soon! ☕🌸 And take care of yourself, hun! 💐🌻💖🌞 geplaatst ·4 dagen geleden
ktichenor commentaar gegeven…
Sending lots of 'get well' vibes to you! ☕🌸 💐🌻💖🌞 ·4 dagen geleden
JosepineJackson commentaar gegeven…
Aww, thank u so much for your lovely wishes my sweetie Kirsten. I'm already much better now, I just hope I'll finally get better once and for all 💜🌼💛 ·13 uren geleden
ktichenor commentaar gegeven…
You're welcome! And I know u will beat these germs!💜🌼💛 Germs don't mess with us! 😠 ·10 uren geleden
laura1233214 zei …
Today is the tomorrow u worried about yesterday
〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 geplaatst ·4 dagen geleden
JosepineJackson commentaar gegeven…
Lovely saying, reminds me of my favoriete affirmation these days, "Today, I'm better than I was yesterday, but hopefully not as good as I'll be tomorrow" 💛🌺 ·13 uren geleden
laura1233214 commentaar gegeven…
that's a good one ·13 uren geleden
JosepineJackson commentaar gegeven…
Yep, very inspiring for me these days 🌸 ·12 uren geleden