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  • Favorite Movie: Cold mountain, Amelie and a lot of others.
    Favorite Musician: Mostly muziek from movies. Different songs door different artists.
    Favorite Book or Author: The Book thief door Markus Zusak
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yorkshire_rose gaf me complimenten voor my images
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•.. (,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`» “Side door side of miles apart our friendship is connected door the heart.” geplaatst ·15 minuten geleden
yorkshire_rose commentaar gegeven…
Stunning icoon and profiel Liana ❤️ ·15 minuten geleden
Katy9555 gaf me complimenten voor my images
Whenever you're ready ;) Thank u again for your commentaar to my video. I'm really glad u liked it. :) Very interesing field of study. Good luck then. :) Yes, I work on airport. I graduated from tourism so...Today I was on your page, I wrote u a few comments. I hope u read them :) Well, I don't like romantic drama, this isn't for me ;) I liked him but then I read his biography. And it wasn't pretty reading so I changed my mind about him. But some of his films are good like "Knight and day" geplaatst ·55 minuten geleden
Katy9555 commentaar gegeven…
"Coctail", "Top Gun" - this movie is really excellent!, "Rain man" and "Jerry Maguire" isn't bad. :) No, I don't have a personal club here. I'm sorry ;) ·50 minuten geleden
JosepineJackson commentaar gegeven…
Okay, I will slowly think about it 🙂 u are always welcome. Oh, tourism is pretty interesting, to explore different places and cultures, I would love to travel a lot. Yep, I saw your comments, they are really nice, I am glad that u find my page interesting. Actually I think that in any genre it's possible to find something good so... What was so bad about his biography? What biography did u read, I am curious to check out. Yep, he has some great ones, I like all u mentioned, except I haven't seen "Top Gun" yet, actually I planned to finally watch it volgende week. door the way, have u seen "Risky Business"? It's really funny and great. In that case I could make u a club, just these dats I want to make something 😄 What do u think about this idea? Personal clubs are fun. ·20 minuten geleden
drewjoana gaf me complimenten voor my polls
Thanks for resposting that last message of ours, I might have read it before and I was probably to write about that and then I forgot. So so sorry darling. Hope you're not upset with me (:
Okay so u did watched NLGo. I know that the first viewing of that movie might be confusing, once we realize that the three of them for example where raise to be organ donor. It's for me a very tragic storyline.
Funny thing I own Vanilla Sky dvd, I bought it some years ago... geplaatst ·4 uren geleden
drewjoana commentaar gegeven…
...and then, out of nothing, still haven't seen it. Well I have some dvd collection, sometimes it's hard to keep track of all them. ·4 uren geleden
drewjoana commentaar gegeven…
Do u own any any dvds hun? Lately I have been buying tv shows dvds. I spend some of my spare time, watching so many tv shows, it's like a plesure to me. ·4 uren geleden
drewjoana commentaar gegeven…
Have a great Sunday (: ·4 uren geleden
JosepineJackson commentaar gegeven…
Don't worry, I often forget something too, it happens 🙂 Yep, it is a quite tragic movie, a good one. In that case u should finally watch "Vanilla Sky" it's really great, especially if u love mystery and twists (and of course some romance and a lot more). I have huge collection of DVDs mostly from my childhood - cartoons, Disney. Now I don't buy them anymore, I just watch films and TV shows online and download them. How is your weekend? Hope everything is going well 🙂 ·30 minuten geleden