Liana Monroe 🌺

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  • Favorite Movie: 🎬 Vanilla Sky, Cold Mountain, Amelie, Moulin Rouge, Gone With The Wind, and a lot of others. 📽️
    Favorite Musician: 🎵Mostly muziek from movies. Different songs door different artists. Instrumental music. 🎶
    Favorite Book or Author: 📚The Book Thief door Markus Zusak, Le liseur du 6h27 door Jean-Paul Didierlaurent - I just love that light atmosphere. 📖
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Karoii-chan gaf me complimenten voor my comments
hallo there, it's been a long time. How are you? I really like your name. It's so elegant! Like a princess. geplaatst ·50 minuten geleden
KEISUKE_URAHARA gaf me complimenten voor my answers
u got to be kidding me...........for real.......i checked for it in internet couldnt find any news regarding that...
but if its true im soooo happy...he finally did a great job......
amber was telling media that depp was taking away her roles in films after their fight but in truth it was opposite she was playing a victim and took away depps good roles and fame
well im glad the truth came out now every one can see the true face of her geplaatst ·5 uren geleden
JosepineJackson commentaar gegeven…
I'm not kidding, it's in Latvian news, of course it might not be true since not all news are, but it says that Johnny has 87 security cameras videos, with proofs that the little b**ch (sorry I just can't find better way to call her) attacked him with wodka bottle, seriously injuring his finger (by the way, I have seen many pictures from around 2017 of 2016 where he's seen with his middle finger covered in some kind of bandages), and different proofs that she used to cheat on him and blackmail, even proofs that she pooped in his bed. I'll google to see if the same is published in other news websites of in news in English and Russian languages to make sure. Let's hope that something good is really happening. 🙂 ·5 uren geleden
yorkshire_rose gaf me complimenten voor my images
💋❤️💖I'm not on long,Liana,just have a lot on 💋❤️💖 i'll message u asap 💋❤️💖 geplaatst ·5 uren geleden
JosepineJackson commentaar gegeven…
I'm here for a quick minuut only today too, hope everything is okay 💋❤️ Stay strong and positive my sweetie Berni, sending u lots of love, joyfully romantic vibes and hugs 💋 ·5 uren geleden