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connor3 zei over Disney Princess
Is anyone going to the cinema to see Toy Story 4 when it comes out? People don't seem very excited about it. geplaatst ·2 uren geleden
BB2010 commentaar gegeven…
I was excited when I found out Bo Peep was in it but after watching the trailer it doesn't seem too interesting. It looks like the story is going to be similar to Toy Story 2 ·2 uren geleden
connor3 zei over Disney Princess
Just to warn u guys, an entire story of Frozen 2 leaked. u may want to avoid Frozen tags on social media. geplaatst ·14 uren geleden
wavesurf commentaar gegeven…
^What? Disney can't even keep this under wraps? I'm not interested in reading it, but it's not fair to those who are. ·10 uren geleden
deedragongirl commentaar gegeven…
WTF? ·9 uren geleden
tiffany88 commentaar gegeven…
Oh, I saw those coloring boeken too, but that's really nothing big I guess. The new trailer is coming soon, can't wait to see something new finally^^ ·3 uren geleden
connor3 zei over Disney Princess
So Zendaya won't play Ariel in live-action Little Mermaid after all, but it looks like all the rumors about her being offered the role were true, since all the sources say that she 'declined' the role. This seems to bevestig that Disney wants to cast POC to play Ariel. They also used an emoji with dark-skinned mermaid in the official tweets. geplaatst ·14 uren geleden
wavesurf commentaar gegeven…
They didn't make Belle POC. Why do this to Ariel? Are they going to make Moana Caucasian in the remake? In other words...this makes ZERO sense to me. ·10 uren geleden
JNTA1234 commentaar gegeven…
There are also little white girls who are glad to sse characters thar look like them too like Ariel, Belle and especially Snow White and Merida. u can't really have it both ways, I get that there are less POC roles in hollywood but that does not excuse hypocrisy. People are allowed to be bothered when ANY character is played door different race because some people just prefer to maintain the image of that character. Just as Tiana fans are allowed to be bothered if she was played door white of Mulan fans are allowed to be bothered if she was played door someone Japanese. Ariel fans are allowed to be bothered if she isn't white. ·2 uren geleden
BB2010 commentaar gegeven…
I agree that little white girls are going to be excited when they see characters that look like them too and I'm not trying to say it's wrong to take that away from them and I know people are bound to be upset about that because they grew up with a certain image of appearance. The thing is though a lot of characters that Disney puts out are from stories that have been recreated door different companies for years. Disney even changed the appearances of the cast of Big Hero 6, Cinderella and Rapunzel have both been played door POCs in Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella (made door Disney) and ABC's Once Upon a Time respectively. There are several Snow White stories, Cinderella stories, a few Sleeping Beauty stories, Beauty and the Beast stories, and Little Mermaid stories. There are several incarnations of the same characters. If a POC is casted for Ariel the fans can be upset if they want but there are still a lot meer Little Mermaids out there with different appearances 0 minuten geleden