Greek and Roman Camp Half-Blood The Lightning Thief (Roman version)

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chapter 1
I Learn How To Sky Dive Without
A Parachute

I just got here, and I already have someone to annoy me.
"Octavian, can I just say that you are the most annoying person in the world?Cause you are",I said."Well that's no way to treat your future praetor", said Octavian puffing out his chest."Yeah, and I'll fly",I muttered."Well,well,well,Jason, you're not thinking about running for praetor, are you?Because that would not be a wise choice"."Why do you ask Octavian?Need a look at your opponents, do you?Because you need tofind their weakness.If so, that would be a very bad idea".
After, that Octavian turned as pale as his teddy bear stuffing.Yes, that's right, I said teddy bear stuffing.Octavian the Annoying is the auguar.Basically, that means he murders innocent teddy bears for profecies.Very even. Dead teedy for stupid poem about destinies.Thankfully, Octavian left after a uttering and blabbing a speach about why he should be praetor in front of everyone."OK, does anyone object", asked Reyna, and one second later half the people stood up, including Reyna herself.
"Well, if he's the only one who will run then he is the one who wins the election"."I will run for praetor", I said standing up embarassed, but I had to.NO ONE,and I mean NO ONE, wants Octavian to be Praetor.He will just use his power for bossing people around.
"OK,we will vote on the Feast of Fortuna", said Reyna, obviously pleased that someone else was running for praetor.
I mean, Praetors work really closly, so it's possible for them to become romanticly involved."OK, meeting ajourned, and may the gods be with you"

Well, later on I was bored so went to the baths and washed up with some others, then went to my barrack, and sat on the roof to watch the sun set, for hours I sat watching the sun turn into stars, when Octavian came up."Dude, how did you get here, you're in First Cohort, not Fifth.",I said."And?"."And GET OUT OF HERE"."Oh, remember earlier today you said if you could fly, I could be Praetor?".I nodded."Well, let's see", and he pushed me off the roof.Man if I die I will haunt that retard. So, I closed my eyes and waited for a crash, but that never came.I was screaming inside "I'm so going to tell Reyna", if I live.I realized I was floating in mid air.So, I lowered myself made a crash noise, and lied down in a ditch 2 yards where I would have crashed, and when Octavian got down there four minutes later, he was "suprised" to find me on the ground.And he certantly wasn't happy either.That was one of the highlights of my day.The down part about today is I'm running for praetor against Octavian.

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I'll make another
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Ok here I go again

Chapter 2
I Give First Cohort An Archery Lesson To Remember

Well, after that I hoped Octavian would leave me alone
.And thank the gods he did or else I would have stuck my coin/sword/javalin right where it hurts.I guess he's scared that I'll become Praetor.
Well, Reyna SENT me to him for an auguar reading.And I'm guessing he lied that I will fail and die on the Feast of Fortuna.
And there's a new battle coming.
And I'm the target of it.
So, probably bad fortune all year.
The camp's fate will be my fault.Whether it's good or horrible, it's all my responsiblity.
I've known about it, I've been here for about seven years now and was told that I was the main part of it when I was little.
No pressure.No worries I'm just getting my SOUL REAPED on Feast of Fortuna.So I'm fine, it be easy to say good-bye to my friends.
I just love my life as a demigod.
So I'm starting to think this is a sad story, really.So, I guess this story will be cut short.
Eh, this is the last time I'm narrating.
Who cares.I realized that I care.
I never acomplished my all of goals.
Like meeting my sister,Thalia,or getting a girlfriend.All my goals down the drain.
Like a toilet.
And my dreams are the poop.
OK now I KNOW I've been breathing in toxic air or something.
That kind of thinking belongs in Loony Tunes Town.
If someone was reading my thoughts, they would send me to a mental hospital.
Free time was done, time for archery.

OK, pull to your cheek, and let go.
Oh, my gods, it almost pierced someone.UH, OH, he noticed he's coming over.
He looks strong, and very well built.
Well, I know this is a Mars kid, so he might be coming over to give me a lesson in do not mess with Mars.
Gods I'm a bad aim."Do you think this is funny"he said, and Octavian snickered.
"N-n-no.",I managed to stammer.
"Gimme this",he said,broke it and said,"You don't deserve this."
Then Octavian said "This boy is supposed to be our Praetor"
"Octavian, leave Jason alone.",shouted Reyna.
"How did this weakling get past the Wolf House?",he shouted.
So, I got up my courage and said "You wanna see?", and flipped my coin and became an eight-foot long sword.
Octavian brought out his sword and met mine in mid swing.He plunged, but I sidestepped and knocked him down with the butt of my sword.Octavian was so suprised that he got up, and stormed out of the Archery class.
Just then a roar of applause went around the archery everyone came to congradgulate me on winning against the second-best fighter here because I was now the first.
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Writing again, just a preview though, I'm grounded(I sneaked it on here)

My Dad Almost Kills Me

Well, one good thing came from that day.Oh, I'm kidding myself. I LOVED THAT OCTAVIAN LEFT ME ALONE, NOT EVEN A GLANCE!
The rest sucked, a new camper came and almost shot me with an arrow and got yelled at for almost killing him.
Then, Hannibal the Elephant almost sat on me when coming for a visit to cheer me up. So I cursed at the guy who him in latin, as usual.
All demigods know latin. After a couple hours here, when you hear latin, the words will pop in your head.
Well, here's the worst part. Yeah, it gets worst. That's the life of a demigod.
So, here it is: my dad drags me down the hill, close to my death.
I'm just standing there, at the gate, when something grabs me by the ankle, and hauls me upside-down.
I panic for a second, and wonder what this thing is, and I look up at where the thing is hanging me.
When I look up, all I see is my ankle and air.
And for some reason I couldn't use my new powers with floating, and all.
The mysterious force was taking me down the hill that led to the camp.
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I'm not starting over

It was now loosening it's grip.OH GODS, HELP!
For just a second I was flying through the air, my powers still not working.
Then, the thing slid around my arm, and caught me.
Why in the name of Neptune would the thing that tried to kill me, save me?A ransome?Kidnapping?I don't know.
Then, I heard a familiar voice.
"I'm so sorry, son.I didn't mean to drop you"
I turned, and I found my dad tall and stern as always in his pin stripe suit.
I was speachless.
My dad.....he almost......killed
"And I'm sorry I never visited you before this....I'm just very....busy", he said.
Me, still speechless, wondering why he brought me here.
"Ahhh, you're wondering why I brought you here.'s complicated......"
Finally speaking up I said,"What's so complicated?"
"Wellllllll, Neptune thinks that you stole his beloved Trident, even though you didn't leave the safety of camp, he thinks you snuck out during the night", he said fastly.

I'll finish later writers block
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After that, I was even more speechless than before.
Also, if I'm a threat to Neptune, why doesn't he just blast me to pieces.
"Ah, that is the real complicated part.....he's giving you a chance to...ah...prove yourself".A
My jaw dropped to my feet,which I didn't know was possible.

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